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Poll: Propaganda Has Republicans Convinced The FBI Is Framing Trump

The GOP is playing a very dangerous game but it's the only move they have left.
Robert Mueller - Liberal spy for Hillary Clinton and George Soros. 

Robert Mueller - Liberal spy for Hillary Clinton and George Soros. 

As we move closer to the midterms, it's important to understand exactly what is at stake. This goes far beyond just sticking it to Trump or, more urgently, putting a check on his insanity; we are on the brink of collapse as a nation. I want very badly for this to be hysterical hyperbole but every time I let myself calm down, another article like this reminds me of how much danger we're in:

A majority of Republicans said President Trump is being framed by the FBI and the Department of Justice, according to a new poll from The Economist/YouGov released Wednesday.

When asked if Trump is being framed, 61 percent of Republicans said he is. Seventeen percent said he is not and 21 percent said they are not sure.

82% of Republican voters either "know" the FBI, one of the most conservative and Republican-leaning institutions in the country, is framing Donald Trump or they think it's possible. 

This could not happen unless the right had lost its collective mind. The party of "law and order" that considers America law enforcement sacrosanct is now fully engaged in the demonization of the same.

After decades of effort by Fox News, the Republican Party, AM Hate Radio, and right wing hate sites, white Republican voters are now incapable of discerning bald-faced lies from reality. They are infinitely malleable puppets that will believe whatever they are told to believe no matter how much it flies in the face of a lifetime of dogma.

And it's not like they're even remotely in step with the rest of the country. This is a purely Republican sickness:

One-fourth of independents said he is being framed, compared to the 39 percent who said he is not.

In total, only 29 percent of American adults polled said Trump is being set up by the law enforcement agencies, compared to 45 percent who said he is not being framed. The remaining 26 percent said they were not sure.

The larger problem isn't that white Republican voters are reprogrammable meatbags, it's that the people doing the programming are reckless to the point of insanity. The only thing they can see anymore is the short term win in their mad dash to hold on to power at all costs. They're whipping white Republican voters into a frenzy that can only result in bloodshed if and when the investigations uncover something so odious that even the currently complicit GOP will be forced to do something about Trump's treason and corruption.

Worse, they're delegitimizing the entire American government for tens of millions of people. It was bad when they deligitimized just the president for being black but now they've done the same to the entire intelligence community and Department of Justice. And the second the Democrats take back the House and possibly the Senate in November, there is no doubt in my mind Fox News and the rest will immediately attack the legitimacy of the election and, therefor, Congress.

They won't do this in order to overturn the results, they don't have the balls to try that yet (although you can bet money Trump will suggest it and even more money his mindless supporters will roar their approval), but they will do anything to undermine the legitimacy of a Congress controlled by the Democrats with Trump in the White House. With Democrats in control of Congress' subpoena power and Republicans no longer able to hide Trump's incompetence and corruption from the public, all of the crimes of the Trump administration will be laid bare. The only move left is to shoot the messenger and if that fatally weakens the public's faith in the government, it's worth it to bury Trump's malfeasance under a mountain of manufactured outrage.

The only way to get Republicans to stop being a cancer is to so utterly annihilate them at the ballot box that they abandon their scorched earth tactics. They have to be crushed so badly that the "at all costs" part of their strategy comes at a price they can't afford to pay. Anything less than a crippling blow, and another in 2019 followed by yet another massive wipeout in 2020 will leave Republicans convinced that continuing to set the country on fire is their best bet and it's not clear how much longer our nation can survive the parasitic infestation the GOP has become.