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Trump's "Pro-Life" UN Delegation Is So Extreme, Even Iran Thinks They're Crazy

Trump sent religious fanatics to push an anti-woman agenda so monstrous that it united the world against us for the first time in history.

While we're focused on the big ticket items like the Mueller probe and Michael Cohen's impending polonium poisoning, it's important to keep track of all the other horrible things Trump is doing if for no other reason than to keep conservatives from claiming they were innocent victims of "Trumpism." For instance, Trump sent religious fanatics to the UN's Commission on the Status of Women to explain how women are whores that are asking for it:

[Valerie] Huber also discussed teaching young women sexual “refusal skills,” Torres and two other sources confirmed.“

She spoke of ‘trying to get women to make better choices in the future,’ which is that terrifying and outmoded idea that women make bad sexual choices and that what happens to them is their fault,” one of the delegates who attended the meeting told BuzzFeed News, adding that during this moment of the #MeToo movement, it seemed “particularly regressive.”

Trump's delegation also pushed the long discredited "abstinence only" nonsense because of course they did:

“They were against the whole concept of sexuality education,” the UN official said, adding that the US also opposed the phrase “harm reduction,” which in the context of CSW means “accepting the fact that young people have sex and trying to teach them how to do it safely rather than just abstinence only,” the official explained. The US wanted “no mention of sexuality at all,” the official said.

Here's the amazing thing: Several of the countries that take part in the Commission on the Status of Women are countries with less than stellar track records on women's rights. One of them is China which Hillary Clinton once blasted for its abuse of women. One of them is Iran which dictates what women are allowed to wear. Yet, every other country on the commission actually united against the United States because even for evil repressive Sharia law-havin' Iran, Trump's religious fanatics were too much:

While negotiations at the UN are often political, two officials familiar with the negotiations said that they had never seen nearly all of the other membership states — many of whom have wildly different stances and priorities on family planning issues — come together against the US. The members include several countries where abortion is illegal and punishable by fines or jail time.

“The rest of the membership came together and stared the [US] down and said, ‘We’re going to still have language on sexual and reproductive health, yes we are,’” the UN official said. “And we won.”

It's safe to say that when a repressive theocratic nation like Iran thinks your idea of human sexuality is too regressive, there's something seriously wrong with you.

It all comes back to the sick and twisted idea American conservative Christians have that pregnancy is a punishment for women who have sex outside of marriage. They view it much the same way they view the spread of STDs in that prevention is bad because it encourages sex for pleasure. They're not pro-life, they're pro-birth. After that baby comes out, they don't care what happens to it.

Clearly, with all of his infidelities, Trump could care less about the religious right's creepy obsession with keeping sex joyless. But being as he has no ideology of his own, Trump's been happy to outsource his policy to the Evangelicals in return for their rabid support. He doesn't have to do any work and he gets the credit from his followers. It's a perfect Trump win-win.

Of course, the problem for conservatives is that this means no matter how hard they later try to pretend Trumpism was an aberration (the way they did with Bush 43), the reality will be that Trumpism looks an awful lot like the wet dreams of white Republican voters. Once millions of Trump's followers burn their MAGA hats and declare themselves "Independents", we'll be more than happy to rub their noses in the numerous piles of morally reprehensible shit they were gleefully wallowing in when they thought no one was paying attention. They got away with that scam after Bush and paid no price for 8 years of cruelty and hate. That's not happening again.

When the history books are written, we must be there to make sure they explain how white Republican voters were so extreme and demented, they moved American foreign policy to the far right of a repressive theocracy while pretending to stand for freedom and liberty.