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Poor Milo Yiannopoulos! Angry Crowd Calls Him "Nazi Scum" And Chases Him Out Of A NYC Bar

Milo continues to learn that free speech doesn't mean being free from the consequences of that speech.
I'm the victim here!

I'm the victim here!

Milo Yiannopoulos is very distraught. On Saturday, he was just minding his own business, trying to have lunch, when a group of people at a bar in Manhattan recognized him as one of America's leading purveyors of racism and hate. They started chanting "Nazi scum get out!" and allegedly shoved the former Breitbart writer, blocking him from sitting at his table until he left:

Milo took to social media to freak out. He couldn't believe that this was happening! All he did was vote for Trump and express his dislike for feminism! How could liberals be so mean and hurtful? Why, he was afraid for his life! And how could he possibly be a racist if he has a black husband?! What is the world coming to?!

Milo seems to have forgotten his role in forming the alt-right, America's latest iteration of white nationalism. While he would have you believe he was just having fun mocking "political correctness", Buzzfeed's reporting is excruciatingly clear, using leaked emails, that Milo very deliberately worked with neo-Nazis and other white nationalists to build a movement controlled by Breitbart and the Mercers. 

This movement has gone on to create an atmosphere of hate throughout the country, spurring a sharp rise in hate crimes and right wing domestic terrorism. Nazis proudly march in the streets, preaching genocide and fascism. Milo may have lost his job and his billionaire backers because he endorsed pedophilia but that doesn't wash away his other sins. At the same time, claiming he's innocent of white supremacy because he has a black partner is laughable when he explicitly worked to promote white nationalism.

In the coming days, Milo will almost certainly play an entire deck of victim cards, bemoaning the intolerance of the left. His supporters will just as likely whine abut "free speech" etc. etc. but as I never get tired of pointing out, free speech means that while you can say any horrible thing you want, it does not mean you are free from the consequences of saying horrible things. Milo Yiannopoulos made a career out of being a "provocateur" that "pushed the boundaries" because he thought there would never be any consequences. Turns out that he was very very wrong.

Boo. Hoo. 

Now get the fuck out of here, Nazi scum.