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Trump's "Breeding Concept" Tweet Is A Stark Reminder That He Only Speaks To His Racist Base

Spreading hate is all Trump knows and that's why his support is rock solid among white Republican voters.

Wednesday morning, Donald Trump woke up and started rage tweeting at California and its governor, Jerry Brown:

Ignoring the gibberish of "breeding concept", who says the people of California aren't happy? Only 4 polls since 2013 have shown Brown's popularity dipping below 50%. The rest are comfortably in the mid-50s and a few crack 60%. The crippling deficits stemming from Republican policies that have plagued California for decades have been turned into Democratic surpluses of over $6 billion. That's "billion" with a "B". And despite the myth of immigrant crime, the reality is that immigrants commit less crime on average, particularly the undocumented immigrants Trump is railing against.

But reality isn't the point of this tweet. Trump is speaking to his base in the only language they want to hear: The language of hate.

To them, California is overrun with "Sanctuary areas" filled with immigrants that are "breeding" (like they were animals instead of people) faster than the good and decent white citizens. All the (nonexistent) crime they're bringing with them makes California a dangerous "crime infested" hellhole. If only someone would secure the border and get rid of all of Those People, America would be great again!

Trump is spewing white nationalism talking points and white Republican voters are greedily devouring every word. This is why they will never abandon Trump. This is why no matter how many wives he cheats on with porn stars or how many laws he breaks, they will follow him like he was Jesus himself returned to Earth. Trump is feeding that black void where their humanity used to be. It was snuffed out by decades of propaganda from Fox News, AM Hate Radio and right wing hate sites. Now, instead of being fed by compassion and empathy like a normal person, they only feed on hate and bile and Trump is a banquet like they've never known.

As long as Trump continues to give them what they crave, they will happily tear down constitutional checks and balances, give the United States over to authoritarian fascism, and end the rule of law. Hate is addictive and Trump has millions of addicts itching for their next fix.