Ann Coulter and Alex Jones are pissed off. 

They're not pissed at the usual gallery of enemies: the globalists, the alleged "liberal fascists," or the perennial threat called "knowledge." Today, Jones and Coulter have had it up to here with Donald Trump.

In case you missed it, here's Jones losing his shpadoinkle after Trump announced the administration's military response to the recent gas attack against Syrian civilians.


He forgot to say, "I'd like to thank the Academy..." It's very likely Jones was doing what he always does: putting on a political burlesque show for his gullible paleo-libertarian fanboys and paranoiac doomsday bunkernauts. Nevertheless, act or not, Jones is telegraphing to his audience that Trump is actively betraying his base by engaging in further military adventurism in the Middle East, a game the Jones crowd clearly despises.

Meanwhile, Coulter definitively went AWOL from the red hat army. After Trump signed the massive omnibus spending bill without financing for his stupid, stupid wall, Coulter fired her first shot:

“I knew he was a shallow, lazy ignoramus, and I didn’t care,” Coulter told the audience, which was largely comprised of College Republicans, according to the news outlet.

“It kind of breaks my heart,” she added. “He’s not giving us what he promised at every single campaign stop.”

Then on Sunday, this tweet dropped:

Is it me or does she seem shocked that Trump hasn't kept his promises? By the way, it goes without saying I'm thrilled that he's mostly failed to deliver on his campaign pledges. Nor does it surprise me that he's been unable to pull off his top shelf priorities like building the wall or repealing the Affordable Care Act. Frankly, none of this should surprise anyone. This is who he is. This is who he's always been. 

Breaking news: Trump is a liar and a crook. Shocking, I know. But anyone who's bothered to pay attention to Trump's activities prior to June 16, 2015 knows that he can't be trusted any more than he can be silenced. He works in lies and hyperbole like great artists work in oils or clay -- worse, he goes the extra step beyond being a liar by stiffing his subcontractors and engaging in dubious business practices like skimming and money laundering (allegedly). 

The fact that Coulter and the rest of the MAGA throng are just now discovering this illustrates how their zealotry almost always supersedes reality. They were so ready to believe Trump's populist gibberish, they completely failed to notice his decades of horrendous behavior in New York City. It's not like his pre-2015 record is particularly challenging to track down, it's just that they deluded themselves into true-believerism with a man who has a deeper and closer relationship with cheeseburgers than he does with the truth.

Worse, Trump's lies fall well outside the boundaries of normal political spin or slippery doublespeak, the likes of which we're accustomed to among the Beltway crowd. He doesn't even try to couch his lies and exaggerations in some sort of escape hatch, allowing him to spin a lie into pseudo-truth. Again, I'm not breaking any news when I observe that Biff lies with a directness and ownership that'd be refreshing if it wasn't so unforgivably embarrassing, treacherous and insulting.

Apart from his lies, Trump comes from a self-promotional school of thought drawn from professional showmen like Howard Stern. If you listen to Trump carefully enough, you'll hear echoes of famous Stern-isms. Among other deejays who only dabbled in the dark arts of hyperbolic self-aggrandizement, Stern became a master at claiming credit for everything. Stern, back in the day, used to routinely insist that he invented shock-jock radio and everything linked to it. On top of that, Stern endlessly bragged about his array of broadcast accomplishments, both legitimate and invented. Trump might not have picked up his bullying and bragging from Stern, yet other similarities remain. The only difference being that Stern deals in the harmless and somewhat theatrical world of radio, while Trump carries the nuclear codes in his pocket. Despite this clear distinction, Trump doesn't understand that his behavior -- in part acting like the world's most powerful shock-jock -- doesn't jibe with possessing immense political and economic power, enough to end human civilization with a single order.

This is all to suggest that anyone with open eyes could easily see Trump -- with crystal-clarity, mind you -- as the mendacious sideshow belcher he is. His record of awfulness is all so glaringly public that we have to wonder whether the Trumpers seriously believe that he somehow materialized from another dimension of time-space then immediately descended the escalator in Trump Tower to announce his candidacy. 

Coulter, Jones and 62 million other voters were snowed by Trump, that's for sure. But the relationship is mutual since they themselves clearly wanted to be snowed. They begged for it. They looked at Trump through the most distorted beer goggles in history and astonishingly saw Jesus Christ instead of the ridiculously coiffured supervillain we've all known since the 1980s. And now we're trapped in the unrelenting blowback from their colossal blunder -- their entirely destructive electoral support and cataclysmic megadittoing of his institution-shattering nincompoopery. 

We tried to warn them, but they voted for this monster anyway. Through their irrationality and lack of interest in Trump's history, they vocally insisted upon being routinely exploited and deceived by a professional conman. And now we have to clean up their mess for a second time in a decade, first with George W. Bush and now with Trump. Being on the right side of history, as we all are, is cold comfort in the face of this effort now to shove this demon back into Trump Tower -- or better yet, into a federal prison cell.