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Scott Pruitt Took A $2500 Nap And Then Lied About It For a Year

The corruption of the Trump administration is truly record setting.

In March of 2017, Scott Pruitt, the Lord King of the EPA, was taking a regal nap in his lobbyist owned condo (we'll get back to that) when he was supposed to be at work. He wasn't answering his phone and apparently slept through the frantic knocking and doorbell ringing. So his oversized security detail kicked down the door:

The protective detail then broke down the building’s glass-paneled front door and ascended two flights to Pruitt’s $50-a-night bedroom, where two sources tell ABC News he was found groggy, rising from a nap. It is unclear what led to the panic that caused the response. Pruitt declined medical attention, and a police report was never filed.

The EPA eventually agreed to reimburse the condo owner for the damage to the door, a source familiar with the arrangement told ABC News. EPA spokesman Jahan Wilcox did not respond to requests for information on the incident or the reimbursement payments.

That cost $2460 of taxpayer money. For a nap. While he was supposed to be working. Do you think they docked his pay for his stupidity/laziness? Doubtful. Although it's hard to blame him for being so tired; it's a lot of work repealing every regulation that keeps corporations from polluting our air, food, and water.

But the real story, in case you didn't catch it, is Pruitt's living arrangements. A $50-a-night room just a block from the Capitol where everyone else has to pay almost $5000 a month? Sounds kind of fishy, don't you think?

That's because it is:

The previously unreported incident occurred while Pruitt was living at Capitol Hill condo co-owned by the wife of a top energy lobbyist. Vicki Hart and her husband, lobbyist, J. Steven Hart, both confirmed the events.

Pruitt's daughter also used the apartment for a while while she was interning at the White House. Isn't that lucky for her?

That Pruitt is working on behalf of the fossil fuel industry is no secret. That he's living large on the taxpayer's dime is well known. What we don't know is how much money he's making to sell out the American people. 

The chances that Pruitt's "discounted" condo was not a quid pro quo arrangement are next to zero. The chances that he's not accepting similar bribes from as many companies as possible is just as small. If there's one thing the Trump administration excels at, it's corruption and Scott Pruitt is just the most obvious about it, possibly even more so than the Trump family and that's saying something.

When the Democrats win back the House in November, expect to see an exodus of Trump officials between election day and January when the new Congress begins. Armed with subpoena power and an unwillingness to turn a blind eye, the Democrats are going to start investigating. Pruitt and the rest of his rotten ilk, sensing the gravy train is over, are going to flee like rats from a sinking ship. They'll run to Fox News and scream about persecution, hoping to muddy the waters to avoid prosecution. 

They better hope they do a better job hiding the evidence than they have been of hiding their corruption.