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After The Stormy Daniels Interview, "Family Values" Conservatives Blame Everyone...Except Trump

The excuses are flowing like the Mighty Mississippi.

Cognitive Dissonance - the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change. 

For the last two plus years, white Republican voters have been in a constant state of cognitive dissonance concerning Donald Trump. In order to fulfill their longing for the white supremacy he promised, all they had to do was turn their back on the superior "family values" they'd bragged about their entire lives. It was a lot easier than anyone had expected.

But with the coming of the Stormy Daniels scandal, white Republican voters have been forced into a state of near schizophrenia to overlook Trump's repulsive behavior. From sleeping with a porn star just weeks after his third wife gave birth, to getting spanked with a magazine with his face on it, to comparing Daniels to his daughter while schtupping her, to physically threatening her to keep quiet about it, to illegally paying her $130,000 for her silence, Trump has proven to be the sleaziest president in modern history.

So of course white Republican voters took to Twitter to complain about....Stormy Daniels:

Or the evil mainstream media:

Or, naturally, the Clintons:

Or, the most popular excuse, how it doesn't count because it happened 10 years ago:

This last one is amazing because all throughout the 2016 campaign, the right couldn't stop screeching about Bill Clinton's affairs from twenty five years ago and he wasn't even the one running for office. Hillary has been ceaselessly scolded for not divorcing her philandering husband but why do we have to drag up the past when it comes to Trump?! Again, we've gone beyond hypocrisy and into total cognitive dissonance.

Perversely, there's every possibility this entire sordid story will make Trump even more popular with white male Republican voters. The toxic masculinity they subscribe to views banging a porn star and degrading their wife at the same time as a plus. Nothing says you're an alpha male like living out the fantasy of fucking whoever you want with no consequences while your wife sits there and takes the humiliation.

On the other hand, while cognitive dissonance will keep many white female Republican voters in line, it's not going to keep all of them in line and Trump's support among white women was already eroding before the Stormy Daniels debacle kicked into high gear. If that translates into lost votes for Republicans (a big "if"), the midterms will be far worse than anything currently being predicted.

In the meantime, white Republican voters will continue to show how little they care about their "family values" as long as their beloved alpha feeds them the racist red meat they've been craving for decades.