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Racist Murderer Dylan Roof Has An Equally Racist And Depraved Sister

Maybe it's time we started looking at the racist white conservative communities that keep producing these monsters.

Three years after her brother Dylann killed 9 black people in a church in Charleston for the crime of not being white, Morgan Roof made sure to let the world know that hate runs in the family:

The younger sister of convicted mass murderer Dylann Roof — who gunned down nine parishioners at a Charleston church in 2015 — was arrested Wednesday on drug and weapons charges after she posted a disturbing message on social media.

The message was, naturally for an angry white racist, full of typos and bad grammar:

this is so disgusting

Your walking out for the allowed time of 17min, they are letting you do this, nothing is gonna change what tf you think it's gonna do? I hope it’s a trap and y’all get shot we know it’s fixing to be nothing but black people walkin out anyway

No offense ofc buuut


Roof was arrested and released on $5000 bond and no one was injured. The post was clearly not a threat and school shootings (and mass shootings in general) are very rarely carried out by women. That being said, Roof's arrest is important for another reason.

In every mass shooting where the killer is white, the first thing the right does is scramble to prove the shooter is anything but a conservative Christian. They deliberately misidentify him as a Democrat, photoshop fake social media profiles showing that he likes liberal causes, insist that he's a Muslim and if all of that fails, they simply claim it's a false flag by George Soros.

At the same time, while in events involving Muslims the killer's race and religion is a central theme of the conversation, we are not allowed to discuss the race and religion of white conservative Christian. Part of this is simple white privilege, we don't "see" white skin, but it's increasingly becoming a defense mechanism as our national consciousness increases of the violence inherent to white conservative Christians. They don't want us talking about it so they don't have to address the growing rot within their movement. 

This is why Republicans, Fox News, AM Hate Radio and right wing hate sites are so quick to scream about mental illness, autism, video games, violent movies, etc. whenever one of their own goes on a rampage. Yes, they're protecting their precious guns, but they're also protecting themselves. 

Now we have Morgan Roof, the sister of a "crazy" racist mass murder, spouting the same kind of hate that led her brother to pick up a gun and shoot 9 unarmed black people in a church in order to kick off a race war. Is she crazy, too? Does undiagnosed mental illness run in her family? Or, more likely, was she raised on the same racist hatred that spurred her brother to commit murder?

We are fast approaching a point where we must start looking at the white conservative Christian community and asking hard questions. For years, they've been hollering that we need to profile Muslims and spy on Mosques because that's where all the terrorists are coming from but when it comes to homegrown domestic terrorists, nothing comes close to white conservative Christianity for producing violent monsters.

Between abortion clinic attacks, anti-government militias, anti-cop "Sovereign Citizens", and white nationalist hate groups, there are hundreds of thousands of heavily armed white conservative Christians in America dying to go to war with whoever their particular boogeyman is. Worse, there are millions more white Republican Christian voters who either egg them on or turn a blind eye to their violence. They do this because something something "I want my country back."

Morgan Roof isn't going to shoot up a school (probably). But she's the product of the same culture of hate and violence that produced her brother; a culture that may one day see her son enter another black church with a gun. Until we start asking the hard, uncomfortable questions about what kind of ugliness white conservative Christians are forcing onto their children, we're going to see more and more Dylanns and Morgans as they become increasingly radicalized by the loss of white hegemony in an increasingly diverse America.