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Chicago Police Arrest A _____ Man With A Loaded Gun And Body Armor Without Killing Him

You have two guesses what color he was but you're only going to need one. And it won't be a guess because you already know the answer for a fact.

A 21-year-old walked into a crowded train station in Chicago wearing a bullet proof vest and carrying a loaded gun. Union Station is the third-busiest train station in the United States and is what is known as a "target rich environment". Had he opened fire, he would have been hard pressed to not hit someone and you would be reading a very different article.

But the police, alerted to his presence by a bomb-sniffing dog, swooped into action and apprehended the man without a shot fired. He had a duffel bag filled with SWAT gear believed to have been stolen from the NYPD and is currently being on $100,000 bond.

I'm dragging out the big reveal of what the man looked like but, honestly, you already know:


No, wait. That's Alton Sterling. He was killed by the police for selling CDs. They had him pinned to the ground and still felt so threatened they "saw" a gun and shot him at almost pointblank range. He did not have a gun.

It must have been this guy:


My apologies, this is Stephon Clark. He was killed by the police while standing in his own backyard. The police were looking for a vandal and were so threatened by Clark that they "saw" a gun in his hand and shot him 20 times. Clark was holding his cell phone.

Let me try again:


Another error on my part. This is Philando Castile. Castile did actually have a gun. And a license to carry it. When he told the officer that had pulled over the car he was a passenger in that he was armed and had a license to carry, the cop was so threatened that he went ahead and killed Castile anyway.

Ah, here we go, the actual man arrested without incident in Union Station with body armor and a gun:


Considering the very real threat Isaiah Malailua presented to both the public and the police, considering he was wearing body armor and actually carrying a loaded gun, it's a mystery as to why the police didn't mow him down on the spot.

There's obviously something that separates him from the men above but I can't white put my finger on it. We may never really know for sure.