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The Deep Democracy

Democrats have now sunk so low they are resorting to legal campaigns for public office.

The fact that so many members of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team identify as Democrats obviously invalidates all recent and forthcoming confessions to various crimes as well as all objective evidence of fraud, perjury, money laundering, and collusion. This much is a settled matter. Lying beneath the surface, however, is a far more profound problem—the presence of Democrats throughout society.

The facts are alarming. Over the past several days, with only a few relatively low-tech tools at my disposal, I was able to gather large amounts of reliable data regarding the nearly complete compromise of the American political system. According to, as many as 192 members of the House of Representatives are Democrats, with another 47 in the Senate. These surprising and troubling facts—hidden in plain sight from the American people—represent what can only be called a vast conspiracy at the highest levels of government. 

Democrats have proven time and time again they will stop at nothing in their ruthless quest for power. In perhaps the greatest infiltration of our public life since the Civil Rights Act, Democratic operatives in recent years have surreptitiously nominated candidates, funded their campaigns, and run them in congressional races, winning an apparent majority of voters in a variety of legislative districts throughout the United States.

If that were the full extent of the problem, there might be reasonable hope of remedy through reduction in polling hours, voter ID laws, gerrymandering, and general intimidation. However, additional low-energy, half-assed research has turned up evidence so thoroughly damning and all-encompassing, one wonders if one will ever again attend a monster truck stunt show. Democrats, it turns out, have stealthily taken control of 16 gubernatorial seats and 18 state houses. They now serve as executives, council members, and prosecutors in literally hundreds of counties, municipalities, and townships throughout the United States. 

With this sort of pernicious bias woven into the very fabric of our civilization, it is reasonable to question whether the President of the United States can possibly receive either fair and balanced rubber-stamping of vindictive legislative initiatives or a sweeping de facto hall pass to run the most powerful nation on earth according to the whims of a dictator halfway around the world.

For the answer we must look deeper than the halls of Congress, state legislatures, or even voter rolls. We must look squarely and unflinchingly at ourselves—at what America has become. The truth is, they are everywhere. I see them every day—composting, tossing vegan salads, and carrying babies in backpacks. Wearing Birkenstock sandals, drinking lattes at Starbucks, attending Pilates class, reading Daily Kos on their phones. Most recently they have dodged bullets in classrooms and organized themselves into a radical anti-Second Amendment media posse. They are browner, younger, gayer, and far more woke than the base, and a solid majority are Democrats.

The fix is in. How can we possibly hold a fair election in this country when over half the constituents disagree with our fundamental positions? Like the Mueller investigation, the results of the midterm elections must be overturned if they don’t go our way. While we mistakenly focus on the deep state, something far more ominous and pervasive must ultimately be defeated—the deep democracy.