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In the debate about gun control, everything comes back to the validity and applicability of the Second Amendment in a modern context. What's its purpose? Why is it still necessary? Honestly, while I understand the arguments of the gun culture, I don't grasp why, in a modern context, firearms need to be an intrinsic part of our Constitution and therefore untouchable as a product. And guns are just that: retail products manufactured for profit. The only legitimate reason it exists is to provide a disproportionately sacrosanct, nearly biblical excuse for the corporate gun manufacturing sector. There's simply no other use for it, especially within a document filled with timeless and fully legitimate human rights.

Let’s review the justifications for the Second Amendment, as repeated by gun enthusiasts. I assure you: James Madison, George Mason, Patrick Henry and the framers of the Bill of Rights never intended to codify an enthusiasm or a hobby as a human right....

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