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Prior to the end of 2016 the average American rarely even thought about Russia, almost never thought about Vladimir Putin, and had no idea what a Kremlin was. Now hatred for Russia is at the forefront of consciousness in mainstream America, and now infected the UK as well and is quickly metastasizing throughout Australia and Europe. The wood has been slowly dried for some major future event, and a false flag event will be like a lit match on the kindling. The media will pick it up and run with it full-throttle, and people will be herded by fear toward the war door.

It won’t have to come from the US government. The new western empire is virtually borderless, and any government or group that is loyal to it could be enlisted to help enact such an agenda, making a false flag much harder to spot. It will likely take a great deal of inner clarity to see past the deception at first.

- Caitlin Johnstone on her Medium blog 3/26/18

As a young adult, I was quite enamored with the politics of the far left. Their critique of Western imperialism, American hegemony, and the ills of neoliberalism was extremely attractive to my unformed mind. I desperately wanted something or someone to fight against, and Noam Chomsky, Tariq Ali, Chris Hedges and Naomi Klein gave me the perfect enemy -- my own country (or countries given I'm British but now live in America)...

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