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No One Wants To Be Trump's Lawyer Because....

Usually, representing the President of the United States is a career booster. Not so much these days.
Is it something I said?

Is it something I said?

Along with the ever-growing list of White House staff being fired/arrested/fleeing for the hills/turning state's evidence is the increasing turmoil of Trump's legal team. Just this week, Trump hired a husband and wife team of right wing firebrands, pushed out his lead lawyer, John Dowd, and then announced the firebrands wouldn't be coming to work for him after all.

Meanwhile, the big name law firms are, ummm... busy drying their hair:

President Trump, whose top attorney handling the Russia probe resigned Thursday, is struggling to find top-notch defense lawyers willing to represent him in the case, according to multiple Trump advisers familiar with the negotiations.

Some law firms have signaled that they do not want the controversy of representing a divisive and unpopular president, while others have told Trump advisers they have clients with conflicting interests, according to several lawyers and three of the president’s advisers. Several prominent white-collar lawyers also have declined requests to sign on with the president in recent weeks, including former solicitor general Theodore B. Olson.

Trump, of course, tweeted that lawyers are practically beating down his door to work for him and accidentally revealed how much trouble he's having finding anyone to work for him because he's an idiot:

In the same two tweets, Trump says that A. He isn't really looking for new lawyers so stories that they're turning him down are not true and B. He would be hiring new lawyers but they're either conflicted (with previous clients) or it will take them too long to get up to speed so he's not hiring them. Take that stupid fake news media!

That these two statements directly contradict each other is irrelevant to Trump and his imbecile followers.

Normally, Trump would be right that a law firm or a lawyer would not turn down "fame & fortune" but Trump is so toxic, he's getting the cold shoulder. CNN's Katelyn Polantz gives us a bit of insight as to why that's happening:

She also gives the reasons that some lawyers are still considering representing the obviously corrupt and doomed president (and they're pretty good):

The fact that these fairly compelling reasons do not seem to be compelling enough speaks volumes about how dangerously thin the ice Trump is standing on actually is. His two main remaining lawyers handling the Russia probe, Ty Cobb and Jay Sekulow, are simply not up to the task of fetching Robert Mueller's coffee much less going head to head with him in a courtroom.

With a crack legal team and perfect discipline, Trump's chances of beating Mueller without resorting to a constitutional crisis are not good. There's simply too much evidence piling up and too many corrupt co-conspirators willing to sell Trump out to save their own skin. As things stand, Trump can't get any of the big guns to take his case because he's a buffoon that can't keep his mouth shut and his tweets quiet.

That means he'll continue to feed the Mueller probe all the evidence it needs for an impeachment and it will come down to Trump and the GOP gambling that they can get away with killing the rule of law in America once and for all.

Good luck with that.