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Women Are Taking Down Donald Trump

Trump may have seemed like a challenge to usurp, but his weaknesses have been made far too clear and too vast to hold him up much longer. He stands no chance with our power coming straight for him.

When the results came in in November 2016 that Donald Trump had won the Presidency, it was a serious blow to women. And not only because he got more electoral votes than Hillary Clinton, but because it was unfathomable to so many women that a man like Trump could be America’s Commander in Chief. He was vulturous to Hillary during the debates and had a well documented past of predatory behavior toward women. His statement about grabbing women "by the pussy” was more than just talk -- just spend some time with the Access Hollywood video footage of the incident and watch how Trump (and Billy Bush) acts toward actress Arianne Zucker. It’s sickening. 

However, it now seems that it is women who will take Trump to task. It is women who are working to save this country -- and our extrication from this self-serving misogynist is manifesting in a varied mix of divine feminine energies.

Currently, adult film star Stormy Daniels is at the forefront of this movement. Daniels reportedly had an affair with Trump back in 2006 and was said to have received hush money before the election. The affair has been denied by Trump and team. Daniels’ lawyer, Michael Avenatti, stated that some of the allegations against Trump happened when he was serving as President, but has declined to elaborate except to say that his client was “physically threatened to stay silent.” Daniels is set to appear on 60 Minutes on March 25, where more may be revealed. Daniels’ truth may be one more piece to help set us free from Trump’s irreverent Presidency.

Trump has also lost Hope -- Hope Hicks. She was once considered Trump’s closest non-blood confidant and aide, and an important addition to his testosterone filled team. It is believed that Hicks’ departure has caused even more unsteadiness in an already chaotic White House. Her resignation was of course questionable, and while she claims she achieved what she set out to do and felt it was time to move on, it came one day after her hours-long testimony with the House Intelligence Committee and shortly after staff secretary Rob Porter was accused of domestic abuse by both of his ex-wives (Porter and Hicks were romantically linked). Porter resigned, and Trump defense of him, despite the alleged violence he is being accused of (involving photographs), further alienated women. Trump praised his work and also took to Twitter seemingly referring to Porter when saying that “lives are being destroyed due to mere allegations.” 

Defending an alleged wife beater was a signal of Trump’s steadfast war on women and the #MeToo movement. But it also seems to be at least part of the catalyst for Hick's resignation. She was an important force in the White House and with her exit Trump’s seems more rattled than ever before. His women troubles in the WH aren't over given he may be losing Ivanka due to her own questionable dealings

Though Trump has insulted and attempted to disempower women for as long as one can remember, he has done the exact opposite. More women than ever before are running for office, emboldened by the President’s rhetoric and patriarchal views. Emboldened even by the collapse, failures, and departures of those closest to him. Before Trump was elected, approximately 900 women inquired about running for office through Emily’s List, a political action committee that works with pro-choice Democratic women on their campaigns. Since Trump became President, more than 26,000 women are learning how to run for office. The number of first-time female candidates has hit an all-time high. 

Thankfully many of the women who did vote Trump in 2016 are now wavering. A Washington Post-ABC poll reported that Trump support among white women who voted for him decreased from 47 percent to 37 percent.

Women are coming for him. We are awake and we know our power. Trump may have seemed like a challenge to usurp, but his weaknesses have been made far too clear and too vast to hold him up much longer. Donald Trump will lose the Presidency sooner or later, and it will be women who ultimately take him down.