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Trump Jr. Reportedly Headed For Divorce As All Things Trump Continue To Implode

Trump is not only destroying the country, but the lives of everyone close to him, too.

The strong white female base that once made up Trump’s fiercest supporters are dwindling in numbers. And it seems fitting the same is happening in his innermost circle with the news that broke yesterday that Donald Trump Jr. and his wife, Vanessa, are said to be getting a divorce -- the latest in the chaos surrounding all things Trump. 

There have been multiple sources who shared the details with Page Six, which included the bit that the couple have “been living separate lives” though are not yet legally separated. Don Jr. and Vanessa married in 2005 and have five children -- the youngest will turn four this summer and the oldest is 10. Just last month, Vanessa opened a threatening letter that contained a suspicious white powder. While it turned out to be nothing of risk to her physical health, it was most certainly rattling. Could that incident increased the strain between the two? It certainly would not have helped. And while the sources are quick to say this break-up has nothing to do with politics, it isn't difficult to believe that it has something to do with the toxic political situation Trump Jr. has emerged himself in during his father's presidency. Some believe he could be charged with treason -- not something a couple can just forget about when they unwind for the night. Being married to a Trump cannot be easy (ask Ivana and Marla Maples); being married to Trump Jr., a man who is as rabid on social media as his father, must be extremely challenging. Plus, Trump Jr. clearly doesn't like to talk -- he's been tight-lipped on his involvement with the Russians, so chances are high that he's not opening up to his wife either. 

It's not just Don Jr.'s personal life that seems a mess. The Senior Trump has been dragging personal issues around for decades. And his love for Putin seems stronger than his love for his wife. Melania’s interest in their union has been questioned ad nauseam -- not that anyone can blame her. Not even Trump's daughter Ivanka (the only one we really talk about) can escape the Trump curse, that seems to worsen by the day. She's facing money scandals and questionable business dealings as of late; she's really following in the footsteps of dear old Dad.

Plus, she and husband Jared Kushner aren't welcome by their neighbors or Washington elite -- which has to be a blow to their socialite status. Kushner may even be on the outs with his brother-in-law. Vanity Fair reported that there was talk that he may have tried to implicate Don Jr. in an attempt to divert attention away from himself. With Kushner’s downgrade in security clearance and Robert Mueller's eyes on him (as well as Jr.), the Trump extended family is in very hot water. 

The Trumps are deeply entwined with this administration, so it makes sense that tumult within the White House leaks outside of it as well. All these firings and exits -- personal and professional -- come with vengeance and with shame much like this presidency. Trump is not only destroying the country, but the lives of everyone close to him, too. The only solace in the pain here is that the more Trump and his people unravel, the closer we may be to being free of him, too.