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Gun Nuts Go Batsh*t Insane With Rage Over Nationwide Student Walkout

They've been calling the next generation of voters morons and sheep all day long. This is not a great long term electoral strategy.
This is causing right wingers to foam at the mouth.

This is causing right wingers to foam at the mouth.

The movement started by the Parkland students in the wake of the shooting at Majory Stoneman Douglas High School one month ago has sent the right into a downward spiral of rage. Unable to stall the conversation with "thoughts and prayers" and accusations of politicizing a tragedy, pro-gun conservatives have become increasingly angry at students across the country for demanding that they be allowed to survive until graduation without being shot at.

Rather than engage in a productive conversation or simply acknowledge the students' right to express their viewpoint, the right has taken to savagely attacking them as enemies of all that is American. They're either puppets of the Democratic Party:

Idiots and sheep:

Or they're actually the ones to blame:

As you can imagine, the comment section at Breitbart is overflowing with absolute rage at the students exercising their First Amendment rights. Apparently, they're only comfortable with children exercising their Second Amendment rights. Bullets are fine. Free speech is scary as fuck,

John - You "young people" are totally oblivious to the fact(s) that; You're being used... You're also disarming your future selves... You're diminishing your future rights to protect yourselves and families... And, once these rights are taken away, they will not come back. There will always be a target weapon for the left to strive for. "Target weapon" meaning that no matter what is "common sensed" taken away, there will ALWAYS be another weapon that holds the most bullets & will be the next focus of "common sense gun control". You are making a HUGE mistake for your own futures. Mass murders will ALWAYS look for the place where they can inflict the most damage with least risk to themselves. That happens to be any place which is openly advertised as a "Gun Free Zone". They know there will be no LAW ABIDING people there to stop them. Open your eyes.

christopher - what these kids don't understand is they are doing the same thing the shooter is doing.. they don't get their way so they are going to walk out. the shooter walked out of being lawful and respectful. full of hate. blaming the wrong people for thier troubles.

listen to them.. kids could of protested on their own time (more power to them) but no, they want to do it during school... although they don't understand that if they would quit bullying their own classmates and making fun of them and how they dress, they might not have to worry about their own friends doing these things to them.

Steven Chavez - RECRUITING THE NEXT GENERATION OF COMMUNISTS! The next Jane Fonda's, SDS, joining Obama's Mob Squads, BLM, and Antifa!

From aiding and abetting the Vietcong, to the Sandinistas, then taking over the classrooms, to becoming Mayors, Governors, Congress, FBI, CIA, and even President, to now in charge of recruiting the young and naïve, the next generation of COMMUNISTS, AKA DEMOCRATS!

MY FEAR is for the students who don't agree or join in? "Stone 'em!"

I suppose I shouldn't give these geniuses any advice but since they never come out of their safe and comfortable media bubble anyway, they're never going to read this warning.

Dear right wing gun humping dimwits:

Telling teenagers they're all stupid liberal morons for protesting on behalf of their own safety is possible the single most perfect way to make sure that they never ever vote Republican for their entire lives. You are literally telling an entire generation of voters that they're too dumb to talk about politics right at the very moment they're starting to pay attention to politics. They're going to look at which political movement is telling them "Guns are more important than your life" and they're going to remember that forever. And since you foolishly made guns a part of the culture wars, you'll have pushed them all into the arms of the pro-choice, pro-socialism, pro-equality, pro-feminist, pro-gun control left.

They're going to grow up, start voting, and when they and the Millennials have taken over the political process after the Boomers die off, they're going to start banning every kind of gun because you were too obsessed with your penis enhancers to pass far more reasonable assault rifle bans when you had the chance.  

All I can say is, "Holy crap! Keep up the mindless hate and good work! Thanks for all the future liberal voters, you imbeciles!"