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The Slandering Of Elizabeth Warren: "Pocahontas" Must Take A "Spit Test"

While people are focused on Warren’s heritage, we have a President using racial slurs and suggesting human rights violations.

The Berkshire Eagle suggested yesterday that Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren take a “spit test” in order to prove (or disprove) her Native American heritage. This ridiculous suggestion is referring to one of those DNA identifiers which lets a person know their heritage and genetic makeup. It comes on the heels of President Trump once again using the slur “Pocahontas” to refer to Warren while at a rally in Pennsylvania, where he also called called for the death penalty for drug dealers and said Representative Maxine Waters is a “low IQ person.” Supporters at the rally ate up every disgusting word. Trump basked in the glow of his accepted hate speech, where he attacks those against him.

The Eagle supported their DNA suggestion saying that if Warren submits to the testing, the result would put the issue to rest and Trump would let it go. Apparently they think we need to satiate our President in order to quell his desire for hate speech. Or, they said, she could just admit her error in saying that she was of Cherokee and Delaware Indian heritage.

Even if Warren took the test and it showed no link to being Native American, this wasn’t an “error” that she has to admit to. Warren was told she had this heritage from her parents who shared with her that they eloped because her father’s family opposed the marriage because of her mother's Native American roots. 

It’s also no one’s business what Warren’s background is and it doesn’t matter. Would anyone think differently of her if she was Native American or Italian or of Middle Eastern descent? They shouldn't. We are all Americans and America is (despite what Trump is trying to make it) a melting pot. This issue with Warren's heritage is similar to the birthers' demand for Obama’s birth certificate -- also led by Trump. It’s also a distraction orchestrated by Trump with name-calling and attacks on women who he claims are misrepresenting themselves. It’s in the same vein as those vile “Lock her up!” chants. He likes to find something that delves into the racist, sexist, anti-humanity part of people and ignites the fire with his words of hate. He tries to build up a air of distrust in others, just so he looks like the trustworthy type. It's preposterous.

Even Meet The Press’ Chuck Todd nudged Warren to take the test when she was on his show Sunday night. “What’s wrong with knowing?” Todd asked. “I know who I am,” Warren said. “Never used it for anything, never got any benefit for it anywhere.”

While people are focused on Warren’s heritage, we have a President using racial slurs and suggesting human rights violations. Our President -- the guy who wouldn’t release his tax records. The very same person who has questionable dealings in his past with porn stars and Russian governments, along with sub-plots that seem too made-up to be part of our reality. But what did we really expect from a TV game show "star"? Trump skirts the issues tied to him by perpetuating the supposed issues of others. He uses racism wrapped in misogynistic rhetoric, and offensive catchphrases and slurs to demean people who fairly criticize him for his various sins against our country. 

Trump affection for putting people down, especially those he feels threatened by, is lapped up  by his base who line up behind his hate. Trump is likely scared that Warren may run for President in 2020 -- and defeat him. While Warren says she isn’t, that doesn’t mean she won’t … and the element of the unknown gives her political power Trump is probably aware of. Warren is up for re-election in her Massachusetts Senate seat this year, and there is also strong potential for her to be on the ticket as Vice President even if she isn’t running for the top seat. Joe Biden/Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris/Elizabeth Warren could be formidable opponents for the incumbent Trump and Mike Pence. 

The bottom line is that no one should be taking tests of any kind to appease the president in any way, particularly given he isn't disclosing information the public has a right to know about. But when you have Trump as the helm of the party of family values, it seems values don't really matter. His verbal attacks will continue -- this we know. And we also know that despite this, Warren will persist.