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The NRA Is Making A Huge Tactical Blunder. Good.

One might say they're...ahem...shooting themselves in the foot.

The NRA released another ominous ad over the weekend featuring Dana Loesch promising the enemies of her gun lobby paymasters that their time was "running out". Naturally, she was immediately raked over the coals for trying to sound like a mafia hitman. Still, this is far from the first time Loesch has been sent out by the NRA to essentially threaten proponents of gun control with violence because the NRA is still operating under the theory that tribalism is their ticket to glory. By making guns a key component of the culture war, they believe they can guarantee both the blind obedience of the right and continued victory.

This is very bad idea on their part and holy hell please let them keep it up.

If the NRA were smart, they would crawl under a rock, tell Republicans to make whatever compromises they need to make to survive the midterms, and shut the hell up for the rest of the year. But the NRA is incredibly arrogant and deep inside the right wing media bubble. They might be so deep they've started to forget that their entire "liberals are coming to grab your guns" shtick was just a marketing gimmick to get morons to buy more firearms. It's quite possible, likely even, that after 20 years or so of listening to their own propaganda, they've actually fallen for it. Considering the fraudulent origins of their political "power", this would be deliciously karmic,

The myth of the NRA's might dates back the 90s when Bill Clinton glibly blamed gun control for the pounding Democrats took in the 1994 midterms to absolve himself of responsibility. After that, the NRA controlled the conversation, guns flooded the streets, and the gutters ran with blood for the next 20+ years. Thanks, Bill.

But like most greedy industries, gun companies couldn't leave it alone and fostered an escalating addiction to guns just like a drug dealer (or the tobacco industry). Now gun violence has become an epidemic and the backlash will be severe for anyone standing in the way of common sense gun regulation. And while the midterms are not going to be focused solely on the NRA and it's insane gun absolutism, if they continue their hysterical attacks on the Parkland students they're risking a repeat of 1994 but in reverse.

Here are the facts: Donald Trump is the most hated president in American history. He's also the most incompetent and corrupt president in American history. On top of that, he's the most racist, sexist, bigoted and all around awful person to hold the office in our lifetimes. The Republican Party has rolled over and shown its belly for Trump, rejecting every scrap of dignity it ever had to pursue its usual agenda of tax cuts and deregulation. The result of this abdication of any kind of moral authority is that the Republican Party's base has shrunk. A lot. Trump is still wildly popular with white Republican voters but there's less of them then there used to be. And enthusiasm for voting Republican is down as well.

On the other hand, enthusiasm among Democratic voters is way up. They're extremely angry and want very badly to punish both Trump and the party that's enabling him. Perhaps if Republicans were even trying to uphold the Constitution in the face of Trump's daily assaults on democracy and the rule of law, the public might not be so enraged but the GOP is openly and actively trying to protect his corruption so now they're going to pay the price.

Put all that together and you have a midterm massacre in the making. If the NRA keeps inserting itself into the story, which they seem to have every intention of doing, when the tsunami passes and the Republican Party is a smoking ruin, a lot of people are going to very loudly point out that the NRA was also on the ballot. And they'll be right because the NRA very stupidly made the "R" in "NRA" stand for "Republican". When the GOP goes down, they're going with it. With the myth of the NRA's power shattered, we'll finally start the long process of making our streets safer by stemming the flood of guns and that will lead to the erosion of the lunatic gun culture that enabled it in the first place.

Of course, the NRA would understand that if they talked to anyone outside of Fox News and NRATV but they're so busy promising to destroy their enemies, they've become trapped in their own echo chamber of mindless bullshit, convinced they're winning.

Let's hope they keep being this stupid right up until election day.