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With Gary Cohn Out, How Much Worse Can The Trump White House Get? Two Words: John Bolton

If you thought we were getting close to rock bottom, you ain't seen nothing yet.

In another one-two punch of chaos and promised chaos to come, the Trump administration has lost yet another high profile White House staffer while hinting at a future hire that will further destabilize an already unstable world stage.

Today, months after putting up with Trump's implicit endorsement of neo-Nazis as "very fine people" despite being Jewish, Gary Cohn, Trump's top economic adviser, tendered his resignation. His reason? While the Nazi thing was annoying, Trump declaring war on free trade and capitalism was simply a bridge too far:

Cohn, who had been rumored just weeks ago as a potential next chief of staff, will leave the White House in the wake of his fierce disagreement with the President's decision to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. Cohn is expected to leave in the coming weeks, the White House said.

It's nice to know where his priorities lay.

On the same day that Cohn threw in the towel, a far more sinister development took place as John Bolton was spotted at the White House. He's rumored to be the leading contender to replace National Security Adviser H.R. McMasters who will also be leaving in the near future. If you can't quite recall who Bolton is or why your skin just started crawling, here's a brief summary of the last 20 years of his life:

Bolton is one of America's premier warmongers and having him whispering how easy it is to win wars into Trump's eager ear would be an existential threat to life on the planet. Bolton is already champing at the bit to launch a pre-emptive war against nuclear armed North Korea under the unknowable premise that they have no way to deliver their nukes to American soil. Clearly, he believes that letting them nuke our close ally South Korea is an acceptable risk because, well, they're not American so who cares? It's unclear why Bolton expects China to allow an American invasion to occur right on its border without retaliating but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. Assuming it hasn't been reduced to ash in a nuclear holocaust by then.

Bolton would be a disaster in every way possible. With the constant chaos and disruption in his White House, Trump is constantly on the lookout for an easy "win" of some kind, of any kind, to soothe his fragile ego. NBC reported that the tariffs are a direct result of this damaged mentality:

According to two officials, Trump's decision to launch a potential trade war was born out of anger at other simmering issues and the result of a broken internal process that has failed to deliver him consensus views that represent the best advice of his team.

On Wednesday evening, the president became "unglued," in the words of one official familiar with the president's state of mind.

With a warmonger like Bolton at his side promising him quick and easy victories against countries that Trump already wants to lob missiles at, we're looking at the very real possibility that if the military doesn't refuse his orders, Trump will unilaterally start a war as a distraction from the Mueller probe. Or because Ivanka had to leave the White House. Or because Joe Scarborough called him an idiot.

We are nowhere close to the bottom of this barrel and with a monster like Bolton in the White House again, we're looking at war crimes on a scale that will make Bush and Cheney seem like amateurs.