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Dating App Bumble Is Doing More For Gun Control Than Donald Trump

It shows that we all have the power to make change, and big companies can help by not normalizing a photo of a person posing with a gun.
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Dating app Bumble, which boasts around 30 million users, has already set itself apart from other dating sites due to their policy that women have to make the first move. This feature gives women a bit more control and a sense of safety on social media, which is a very welcome statement. Bumble takes safety seriously and they have now adjusted their policy further, incorporating a new policy that will ban images of firearms, no longer allowing users to feature these images in their profiles.

Whitney Wolfe Herd, Bumble’s founder and chief executive, did report that this doesn’t mean the company believes that anyone with a firearm poses a threat or condones violence. “We just want to create a community where people feel at ease, where they do not feel threatened, and we just don’t see guns fitting into that equation,” Wolfe Herd said. So now pics of potential dates with weapons like assault rifles, handguns, and knives will no longer be allowed on the app, just like nudity and hate speech is not permitted. This is a policy for both men and women on the site. Those who are in the military or law enforcement and have photos of themselves in uniform and with firearms are still permitted to feature those photos if they wish. Those who have photos of themselves with firearms in competitive sports can speak to Bumble to have their photos permitted as well.

It’s a brilliant move for the company as many businesses are making it clear what side they are on when it comes to gun control. DICK’S ended the sales of their assault rifles with many feeling this is a great next step. Those who have not cut ties with the NRA are facing the heat. Wolfe Herd acknowledged that this is “a tricky battle” Bumble has chosen to take on, but she added, “I’d rather pursue this than just ignore it.”

Bumble has also donated $100,000 toward the gun violence protest March For Our Lives put together by the survivors from Parkland. These kids are leading the way for change with their massive movement, #NeverAgain. Finally, we are facing the issue and not being drowned out by thoughts and prayers and no real action. Let’s hope this is truly striking the hearts and minds of voters. But the gun backlash has made Trump and the NRA even more defiant. The NRA’s most recent propaganda video mocks everyone who has called for stricter gun laws. Trump's been busy tweeting about the Oscars being lame and disarming North Korea ... seemingly without concern of guns in the wrong hands in America. Trump probably wouldn’t have ever liked Bumble anyway, due to the fact it gives women more control when it comes to dating.

This move by Bumble is needed -- I’m certainly thankful for it. It shows that we all have the power to make change, and big companies can help by not normalizing a photo of a person posing with a gun. Not all, but some people may see that as a threat or a complete misuse of a firearm, which should be something taken very seriously.

The only bad thing about this change on Bumble is that users won’t be able to weed out the gun-obsessed by photos alone. MAGA hats and Oakley sunglasses on the head might still give it away.