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The GOP Demands Bulletproof Vests While Refusing To Pass A Single Common Sense Gun Law

A House Committee passed a resolution that allows politicians to get bulletproof vests and $25,000 for security detail. But, of course, no sensible gun control.

A House Committee passed a resolution that allows them to get bulletproof vests with taxpayer money. Thanks, GOP! Thanks for taking more of our money to protect yourselves from the very thing you are perpetuating -- gun violence. Last year, they also received an added $25,000 for security detail … each. This is your money, too. We are forced to fund protections for lawmakers who aren’t doing their job of protecting us. We need to be outraged.

Perhaps they all are fearful because Majority Whip Steve Scalise was shot at a congressional baseball practice last year and Gabby Giffords was shot back in 2011 -- just to name two. I'm not minimizing their lives or well-being -- they deserve to live in a world where there isn't this type of violence. However, bulletproof vests isn’t a solution. It’s encouraging a terroristic way of life where we live in fear all while more guns are getting in the wrong hands.

But what's next here? Arming teachers? Already in the works! Or at least this has been suggested and who knows where legislation will go on this despite an outpouring of teacher opposition (and anyone who thought this through to see how problematic this “solution” is). Trump seems game and Ivanka wants to consider it, so it may become reality. Only it's not just reality -- it's our nightmare dystopian society scenario slowly happening.

Because we are living in fear of guns in the wrong hands, it's not only Congress who wants bulletproof vests for protection but parents as well. And understandably so. Kids are getting killed in schools -- their risk of dying seems far greater than members of Congress. But let's spend a ton of money keeping lawmakers safe. Seems perfectly reasonable ... in a Trump world.

It's a real thing that bulletproof items are being added to kids’ back-to-school shopping lists. Right now, bullletproof backpacks are selling out across America. The item is actually a panel to insert inside your child’s backpack and the President of the company called Bulletsafe said he created them in response to the Sandy Hook shooting. This is our reality. Sales of these panels at Bulletsafe have tripled since Parkland. Another company, Guard Dog Security, sold six month's worth of merchandise within three days of the shooting at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas.

This is just further proof that Republican Lawmakers only care about themselves. They won't pass common sense gun laws and then they are heightening the fear calling for extra protections for themselves, wanting to walk around wearing bulletproof vests. This is just wrong. It is these same lawmakers who are responsible, in part, for the deaths of people by guns. If we don't do something about the gun problem in America, soon everyone will need bulletproof vests and inserts in our bags to protect us from the rampant misuse of guns everywhere we go. Going to the mall for new shoes? Don't forget your bulletproof vest. Heading to the PTA meeting? Make sure your bag has the bulletproof insert. This is the example Congress is setting. Shield yourselves from everyone else! Fear your neighbor! Worry about being shot anywhere you go.

We can't live in a world where we are sending our kids to school with their homework, lunch bag, and tactical gear. We cannot live in fear and we need to demand stricter gun laws. If not, we are creating our own war zone. We are going to build a wall and keep all the bad guys in our country, essentially protecting others from our own destruction. And we will be paying for all of it … with our own money … and with our lives.