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No Tomi Lahren, Democrats Are Not "Salivating Over A Stock Market Downturn"

One of the tactics the right in America has perfected is art of smearing the left as being un patriotic wusses.

One of the tactics the right in America has perfected is art of smearing the left as being un patriotic wusses. When liberals question issues like guns, economic inequality, and immigration control, Republicans have learned to hurl as much abuse at them as possible for hating America. Don't like gun deaths? You must hate the constitution. Worry about the poor? You hate capitalism. Want fair immigration policies? You are putting brown people over real Americans. 

Tomi Lahren has no doubt studied these tactics for some time and has perfected the art of of the misleading smear. Here she was on Twitter yesterday accusing Democrats and Leftists of hating America for criticizing Trump over the dramatic fall of the stock market: 

The statement has of course, no basis in reality. Democrats and Leftists are not "salivating over a stock market downturn", and do not "want the American people to fail". They are simply pointing out Trump's stunning hypocrisy about his effect on the success of the economy. Trump has long maintained that the president is solely responsible for the success of the stock market and the growth of the US economy, tweeting this back in 2015:  

The Dow fell by more than 1100 points yesterday

Trump inherited a pretty rosy economy from President Obama and has been busy claiming all the credit for its success. But as soon as the stock market crashed, Trump and his supporters became either eerily silent, or desperate to pin the blame on anyone other than the president. 

Sadly this is what Lahren and other right wing shills do -- they'll rip the country apart if it means protecting Trump. The more they accuse the other side of hating America and wanting the country to fail, the harder it becomes to have a normal debate. Lahren understands this all to well and has made a good career for herself peddling petty hatred and propaganda. Her job is to ensure that truth becomes irrelevant and those who shout loudest win. But as the stock market reminded Americans yesterday, truth has an annoying way of asserting itself no matter how much you rage against it. 

Update: The Trump tweet turned out to be a fake (the best hoaxes are the ones closest to reality) but the hypocrisy is still glaring. Trump has been deafeningly silent on the tumble after a year of loudly bragging about his stock market wizardry. Lahren is well paid to distract her audience from thinking about this.