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Parents Must Now Stop Sending Their Children To School Until The Government Acts on Guns

After 17 children were slaughtered at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, by former student Nikolas Cruz, parents in America must now take matters into their own hands.

After 17 children were slaughtered at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, by former student Nikolas Cruz, parents in America must now take matters into their own hands. There is now no other way. With shooting after shooting after shooting, it is abundantly clear that the federal government in America is either unwilling or unable or to protect school children from being blasted to pieces by crazed gunmen while they take class. 

Cruz, who was mentally unwell, used a legally bought AR-15 style semi-automatic rifle to carry out his attack on the students, proving yet again that gun control laws in America are not just woefully inadequate, but actively dangerous. The government is completely incapable of fending off the NRA's insidious assault on America's children via its corruption of the political system, so parents must now start removing their children from public schools in order to ensure their safety. 

The AR-15, America's killing weapon of choice. 

The AR-15, America's killing weapon of choice. 

There is no need to relay the horrifying statistics on gun crime in this country given it is now so routine. The need for urgent action has been painfully obvious since Adam Lanza blew 20 children aged between 6 and 7 to pieces in 2012 in Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut -- an event so unimaginably horrendous that only the most depraved ideologues were left defending the status quo. 

The reality is, parents simply can no longer take the risk of sending their children to school in a country where teenagers can easily and legally purchase high powered weaponry, take them into class, and blow other children's heads off. Metal detectors are not enough, mental health check ups are not enough, and stricter prison sentences are not enough. This problem isn't going away, and politicians are not doing anything about it. 

Removing your children from school is not be done as an act of protest, but it must be organized as such. In coordination with other conscientious parents, you can decide on specific days on which to take your children out of school. Start with once a week, then check in with local and state politicians to see what action they are taking. Then move to twice a week if nothing is happening, then three times a week and so on until America's politicians start to take dramatic action to ensure the safety of your children. Do not accept half measures. Do not accept compromise with the NRA and gun friendly politicians. There must be sweeping gun regulation laws passed a the federal level that makes it almost impossible for your child to be slaughtered at school. Parents have to create an untenable situation in the public school system if change is to occur, and the best way to do that is to do what is in the immediate interests of their children. 

This is no longer a political issue, it is a safety issue and your children's lives are at stake. Get them out of harms way now, and let the politicians clean up the mess.