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The Right's Rush To Label The Florida Shooter A "Liberal" or "Muslim" Is Monstrous

They're lying and they know it. This kid was a proud Trump supporting bigot but it's easier to muddy the waters and pretend their movement is not drenched in violence.

The bodies weren't even cold in Parkland, Florida and the soulless gun nuts of the right were already hard at work blaming the eighth school shooting of 2018 on the left and/or Muslims.

Infowars, no longer able to insist that all mass shootings are "false flags" carried out by the government to steal our guns, now simply flat out lies to its audience, secure in the knowledge that they'll believe anything they're told: 

Reported Florida Shooter Discussed "Allahu Akbar": On Instagram Profile" - MSM already covering it up.

Cruz did, in fact, post a screen shot of himself googling the phrase "Allahu Akbar" which he followed up with:


If you're not familiar with the word "durka", it's a sort of racial slur made popular by Team America: World Police. But we're supposed to ignore that because something something he's dressed like ISIS!. 

Except when he's dressed like this, I guess:


Yeah, that's a "Make America Great Again" hat. Combined with Cruz's regular ranting about Muslims and his obsession with guns, that puts him squarely in the "not a liberal or Muslim" camp.

Which brings us back to the concerted effort of the right to insist that he is.

What we are seeing right now is a movement trying to cover its tracks. While there is absolutely nothing about this shooting to suggest a political motive (so far), the fact that the right is trying so hard to make Cruz's political affiliation disappear suggests they are very aware of how deeply tied to violence their movement has become. Between the constant fearmongering by Fox News, AM Hate Radio and right wing hate sites, the "Deep State" conspiracies, the white nationalism, the NRA commercials almost literally calling for the execution of liberals, and the endorsement of brutality by the president, the right is being primed for violence from every angle.

There's nothing really comparable coming from the left.

Think of it this way: If a Bernie supporter told you that they were going to shoot up a school in the name of income inequality, you'd have no idea what the fuck they were talking about.

But if a Trump supporter tells you he's going to get revenge on the people that persecuted him, well, that's all Trump does day in and day out. He brags about how he gets revenge or how he's going to crush his enemies constantly. Some role model. Again, that's not to say Cruz was inspired but Trump or the constant eliminationist rhetoric of the right, but clearly there are people on the right who are trying very hard to make sure no one makes that connection and they're willing to tell really obvious lies to throw up enough smoke to keep people from talking about it.

The bottom line here is that the right is twisting itself into knots to deny the obvious truth about who this kid is because they don't want to take any responsibility for his actions. If they do that, they might have to admit their gun fetish and their penchant for calling for murder is a toxic mix and they can't bring themselves to do that; it's too central to who they are.

I think we can all agree that a political movement that cares more about guns than it does about the lives of children is a movement that has no moral center and no longer deserves a seat at the table. These are sick and dangerous people and it's long past time we cut them off from the levers of power.