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Jeff Sessions Just Admitted American Law Enforcement Is For White People

He might as well have been wearing a pointy white hood during his speech.
Jeff Sessions

During a speech at the National Sheriff's Association winter conference Monday morning, America's first Confederate Attorney General Jeff Sessions accidentally (or maybe not so accidentally) admitted out loud what the black community has been saying for decades (centuries?): American law enforcement is for white people.

Reading from prepared remarks, Sessions said, “The office of Sheriff is a critical part of the Anglo-American heritage of law enforcement. We must never erode this historic office.”

There's a reason Jeff Sessions was blocked from a federal judgeship by his own party back in the 80s and it wasn't because he was too tolerant. This is a party that rode to power on the back of Ronald Reagan's racist "welfare queen" lie and even they thought Sessions was too much of a bigot. Of course, these days they'll rally around him like frats boys around a drunken cheerleader but that was back when they still had a working moral compass.

Sessions will almost certainly say he misspoke and Fox News will throw a hissy fit about liberals unpatriotically attacking law enforcement or some such nonsense. Meanwhile, the white nationalists will be cackling with glee and racist cops all over America will be nodding their heads. Message received loud and clear. It really is open season on black skin again.

This, coincidentally, is why Trump will never fire Sessions. He's the main reason Trump is so popular with white nationalists. His efforts to turn American law enforcement into a weapon to be wielded by Republicans against brown skin is white nationalism 101 and if Sessions goes, they'll revolt against Trump in a heartbeat.

After listening to Jeff Sessions literally say Sheriffs are for white people, if you're still confused about why football players kneel and protesters chant "Black lives matter!" whenever the police murder an unarmed black man, then you're either a fucking moron or a white supremacist.

But I repeat myself.