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Hope Hicks Hopes To Avoid Jail Time By Resigning From The White House

Hope Hicks, the White House communications director and a close aide to Donald Trump said Wednesday that she plans to leave the White House in the coming weeks. Why? Because she probably wants to avoid jail time due to the rapidly expanding Russia investigation.
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The official story behind the woefully unqualified White House communications directorHope Hick's decision to quit today is, well, pretty laughable. Reported the New York Times

Hope Hicks, the White House communications director and one of President Trump’s longest-serving advisers, said Wednesday that she plans to leave the White House in the coming weeks.

Ms. Hicks, 29, a former model who joined Mr. Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign without any experience in politics, became known as one of the few aides who understood his personality and style and could challenge the president to change his views.

Ms. Hicks had been considering leaving for several months. She told colleagues that she had accomplished what she felt she could with a job that made her one of the most powerful people in Washington, and that there would never be a perfect moment to leave, according to White House aides.

The perfect moment for Hicks to leave Trump's White House would have been before Trump officially took office. Because Hicks has been complicit in the president's non-stop lying and obvious obstruction of justice during the investigation into Russia's meddling with the election in 2016-- a fact she all but admitted to. The Times reported yesterday that during the eight hours of private testimony before the House Intelligence Committee investigating Russia’s interference in the 2016 election, Hicks admitted to telling 'white lies' on behalf of the president:  

Hope Hicks, the White House communications director, told House investigators on Tuesday that her work for President Trump, who has a reputation for exaggerations and outright falsehoods, had occasionally required her to tell white lies.

If those 'white lies' (or 'lies' to anyone outside of Trump's circle) had anything to do with Trump's blatant attempts to obstruct justice, then Hicks could be in some very, very serious trouble. As the Mueller probe gets closer and closer to Trump and everyone in his immediate circle, we should expect to see more people like Hicks bailing from the White House and looking to cut deals. Hicks is 29 and has her entire life ahead of her -- a fact she was probably made acutely aware of while being grilled in front of the House Intelligence Committee. Why risk it all for a disloyal charlatan who would sell out his own mother if he thought it would do him good? 

Hicks is about as close to Trump as anyone in the White House and has clearly seen the writing on the wall. She understands that it is about to get very, very serious and is getting out while she has a chance to limit her own exposure. Hicks may not have a future in politics any more, but she may be able to avoid jail time if she does the right thing and collaborates with the Russia investigation. 

Hicks's resignation was a big victory for the resistance, and here's betting there are many more to come.