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Donald Trump’s Energy Plan Guarantees Human Suffering

Trump's cruel budget promises unnecessary weather related deaths.

It is not earth shattering news at this point to say that Donald Trump is an evil, insecure man without conscience, empathy or guilt for anything he’s ever done in his life. It seems like Trump only gets an erection when he’s hurting Americans in some way, allegedly cheating on his wife with playmates, pornstars and mistresses - or attacking someone who is black. He lives for conflict and he’s going to go down as the dumbest and most corrupt president in history, when it’s all said and done.

Trump knows in his pea brain mind that he is on borrowed presidential time and seeks to leave a legacy that defines his dark soul and spiritless heart. One of the recent examples of his persistent desire to make life worse for poor Americans struggling to keep their homes warm during cold months and cool during hot ones can be found in his budget which ruthlessly proposes to completely eliminate a widely used a program known as LIHEAP – Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program.

As David Sharp from Associated Press writes, “LIHEAP is a program that helps families pay their heating bills primarily in the form of a grant that’s sent directly to utility companies or heating fuel vendors.” There is an application process that requires you to report income as part of a larger assessment process to determine need. It is a program aimed to save lives and provide support for our most vulnerable population during seasonal extremes.

It is a program rooted in an empathic acknowledgement that fellow Americans are struggling and to see temporary relief as worthy, good and honorable to maintain. The human dimension is the mother of three that works two part time jobs but still needs help to pay the heating bill during a brutally cold month. Or the elderly man living off Social Security while bagging groceries at the supermarket on the weekend only surviving vicious heat waves because of air conditioning assistance.

Trump has never struggled economically a day in his life. He was born into comfort that turned into obscene wealth. Trump never had to worry about keeping the lights on or the water running (except, perhaps, in his numerous bankrupt businesses). Ideally, none of us should ever have to experience that level of uncertainty, but we don’t live in an ideal world. The LIHEAP program is in jeopardy because Trump seeks to destroy anything that helps the poor. It's that simple.

Bernie Sanders has tried to use his influence by telling the White House Budget Director that he’s creating “a situation where people will go cold, some may freeze to death.” There is also some Republican support for keeping the program. As Sharp also points out in his piece, Republican Senator John Hoeven from North Dakota, a member of the Appropriations Committee, says he’ll fight to keep the program alive.

It is still unclear as to what will ultimately happen to this program, along with 62 other agencies and programs Donald Trump wants to eliminate. This level of unrepentant cruelty and ruthlessness at the presidential level is requiring an unprecedented level of monitoring, diligence and resistance.

The president may have a cold heart, but we cannot allow potential beneficiaries of LIHEAP to have a cold home.

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