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Trump Just Blamed The Florida Massacre On The Russia Investigation

Fuck you, Donald Trump.
No, really, fuck you, you fucking fuck.

No, really, fuck you, you fucking fuck.

In the three days since the massacre in Parkland, Florida, Republicans have either gone into hiding like the sniveling cowards they are or they've read their NRA-approved script and then cashed their blood soaked check from the gun lobby. Fox News, AM Hate Radio, and right wing hate sites immediately went into a feeding frenzy to divert attention away from the shooter being a Trump supporter and ammosexuals have swarmed social media to scream about how we should ban cars and knives if we're going to take away their precious fucking guns.

But as cruel, callous, sadistic, and indifferent to the suffering of others as this usual cast of scumbags are, none of them can hold a fucking candle to Donald Trump.

In just three days, Trump managed to blame the students and teachers for not reporting the shooter to the authorities (they did) before taking a few minutes to pose for a cheerful thumbs up photo op in the middle of a national tragedy:

You can feel the presidential empathy rolling off of him.

You can feel the presidential empathy rolling off of him.

After that, he zipped off to his fucking golf course and took the rest of the weekend off because being president of watching Fox News and white nationalist assholes is hard.

But last night, Trump managed to find a way to top what was already a record breaking display of inhumanity by blaming the slaughter in Parkland on the FBI investigation into Russia's attack on the 2016 election and the role the Trump campaign played in it:

While it's true the FBI fucked up, badly, in not stopping the killer they had been warned about, to connect that to the Russia investigation is so disgraceful and self-serving it's hard to imagine anyone being enough of a piece of shit to do it. But this is Trump we're talking about so, honestly, how could this possibly shock anyone?

Worse, his mindless mob of morons will jump on this like a starving dog on a bone. Of course we should put all the blame on the FBI and the Russia probe and not at all on our penis enhancers! It's like killing two birds with one stone! Or it would be of they were smart enough to grasp that subtle a concept. 

In the meantime, we'll just ignore all the hundreds of ways Republicans and Trump have made it easier for monsters like the Parkland shooter to get assault rifles and how they've blocked every effort to make school shootings even slightly less likely to happen all in the name of gun profits. It wouldn't be fair to bring all that up during this time of tragedy. Can't we let the families grieve before politici....never mind, there's probably been another school shooting by now so we have to reset the clock and start sending thoughts and fucking prayers again.

I can promise you this much: After Trump is gone and white Republican voters try to distance themselves from his stench, we are going to remind them on a daily basis that he was not some kind of aberration. Trump is the purest distillation of who they are and the party they built. They are exactly the people that see dozens of school shootings a year with a body count in the hundreds and immediately think "How will this inconvenience me? Will they try to take away my precious guns?" 

We know they are heartless, soulless monster just like Trump and no matter how many MAGA hats they burn or how hard they try to hide from it, we're going to smear the ashes in their faces and make them own the black void where their morality used to be. Trump is using the death of 17 Americans to attack his enemies in the FBI and his followers will love him for it. There's no coming back from that.

Fuck him and fuck you to every person that still supports him. You're all the very worst America has to offer.