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Among many superlatives about Donald Trump, he might be the whiniest president in history. On Monday, Trump spent several minutes during a rally in Blue Ash, Ohio relitigating the applause breaks during his State Of The Union address -- because he's not at all childish, petty or misinformed. Yes, Trump is bewildered by the fact that the opposition party didn't offer him standing ovations during his joint session address.

If Trump and his disciples had actually remembered literally all previous State Of The Union addresses, they'd realize that the opposition party, in this case the Democrats, almost never stands and applauds the president from the other party. There are exceptions, of course, but this is generally the tradition. Hell, the videos of previous addresses are readily available on YouTube and CSPAN. 

I know, I know. Let's all shed a small tear for the poor, beleaguered president who didn't get his participation trophy for, y'know, saying words, but, sorry, this is the way it goes. Trump thinks he deserves special dispensation -- that he should be treated differently than all previous presidents. The Democrats, even though they're routinely the targets of Trump's Twitter name-calling and petulant insults, should've smooched the bloated orange ass of the Clown Dictator.  

But wait. It gets worse.

By now, you've probably heard the news. During his remarks about the meanies and haters on the Democratic side of the House chamber, Trump referred to the Democrats as "un-American." Twice. As if that wasn't hyperbolic enough, an audience member shouted that the Democrats were "treasonous," to which Trump replied: "Somebody said treasonous. Yeah, I guess, why not? Can we call that treason? Why not? I mean, they certainly didn't seem to love our country very much."

Put another way, if you don't offer complete fealty to Trump, you're committing treason. 

Given Trump's ongoing mancrush for dictators like Duterte of the Philippines, Erdogan of Turkey, Xi of China and, yes, Putin of Russia, Trump's casual accusations of treason against citizens and lawmakers who don't genuflect before him or who refuse to sanction his slimy words and bullying with standing ovations should be of deep concern to any free-thinking human.

Even if Trump never descends to the same depths as Putin or Erdogan by imprisoning dissidents and journalists, he's still easily the most ridiculous president in history for focusing on such trivial and ahistorical details.  

Not to bury the lede here, but while he was accusing the Democrats of doing something that all opposition parties do during the president's annual remarks to Congress, the Dow suffered a second consecutive trading-day of losses, closing with an historical decline of 1,175 points on Monday. Friday's losses, meanwhile, were around 665 points. In terms of points, Monday's losses were the worst since September 29, 2008 when markets vaporized in the face of a Wall Street collapse that precipitated the Great Recession.

As I'm sure you've witnessed more times than you'd like to, Trump has long since taken ownership of the Dow and the broader economy, routinely boasting on Twitter and elsewhere that the Dow's heretofore upward surge was entirely his doing. Naturally, anyone who takes direct credit for the fate of the Dow should also be held responsible when it's not so big league. In other words, no, the president can't directly impact the Dow, but if he's dumb enough to take credit for gains, as Trump has, he owns the losses, too.

Nevertheless, I've been warning of an impending downturn for months now, given Trump's destabilization of, well, everything he touches. Included in this assessment is the reality that Trump has been making all the same mistakes that led to the Great Recession. He's deregulating everything in sight, he's adding another trillion dollars to the deficit, he's irresponsibly cutting taxes for the wealthiest one-percent, and he's ballyhooing a Wall Street bubble. 

While the conditions aren't exactly the same, they don't need to be. The impending downturn won't be another Great Recession -- knock on wood. It doesn't have to be in order for the economy to take a gigantic dump on the most vulnerable Americans, nor does the current instability sit well with those of us who were crushed during the previous recession. (Yours truly included.)

Trump thinks he can bullshit his way through all of this and not be held responsible, whether it's his economic irresponsibility or his loose talk of treason. 

He's catastrophically wrong.