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Paul Ryan Seriously Just Bragged About A Teacher Getting An Extra $1.50 A Week

Not $150. $1.50. One dollar and two quarters more. A week. We have reached peak aristocracy. Time to get out the guillotines.
Paul Ryan

Enjoy that extra soda every week. On me.

When Paul Ryan was pulled from his Ayn Rand Birthing Chamber by the Koch brothers, they must have looked upon their handiwork with pride. Here was a creature that could pass for human but with none of those pesky personality traits like "empathy" or "compassion".

If that sounds an unlikely scenario for how Paul Ryan came into existance, I dare you to come up with a more plausible explanation for this tweet Ryan sent out Saturday morning:


For the math impaired like myself, that's a whopping $78.00. In a year. By way of comparison, millionaires are getting an increase of $217,790 a year or $4,188 a week. Can you feel the trickle down? If you do, are you surprised it's warm and smells like the alley next to a bar?

Ryan deleted the tweet within a few hours, presumably after Twitter flamed him to a crisp for making Marie Antoinette sound like Bernie Sanders. Keep in mind, Ryan's job now that he's stolen trillions from the poor and middle class is to convince us that his billionaire tax scam is actually good for us. This was not a good start.

It's hard to blame Ryan for his lapse in judgement, however. In order to understand or care how insulting his humblebrag was, he would have to understand or care about the average American and as a Republican, he is manifestly incapable of this. Whether he was birthed from a pod or whether he's been so deeply entrenched within the conservative machine for so long he's forgotten what real people are like is irrelevant; the effect is the same. From this insane tweet, I can only conclude that Paul Ryan literally has no idea what life is like in the real world anymore and he honestly thought a pay increase of $1.50 a week, something that would have been a big deal to an adult over 70 years ago, or to my 7-year-old's allowance last week, would be a reason to cheer about his tax scam.

This profound level of disconnect is what the French saw in the days leading up to the French Revolution. Republicans and their billionaire masters are going to find that the outcome isn't going to be much better for them this time around if they can't get their insatiable greed under control.