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The Nunes Memo Lands With A Thud And Twitter Explodes With Laughter

This is probably not the reaction Republicans were hoping for.
Oh, the humanity!

Oh, the humanity!

After weeks of hype, the much anticipated "secret memo" put together by Devin Nunes (with apparently a lot of help from the White House) was released (a day late) on Friday. Republicans and white Republican voters have been in a state of almost constant frenzy leading up the big day. This was it! This was the Big One!

The Nunes Memo was going to end the Muller probe once and for all! It was going to expose the corrupt FBI! It was going to bring down the Deep State! It was going to restore law and order to America!

Instead, it turned out to be a bunch of rehashed Fox News talking points that flamed out like the Hindenburg.

Twitter was not kind:

It gets progressively worse from there.

Amazingly, the memo directly debunks one the right's most important attacks on the Mueller probe; specifically that is was based on the "fraudulent" Steele Dossier:

So...I guess thanks are in order to Devin Nunes for forever destroying that talking point? Good job there, buddy! I guess the brain trust at the White House that put this together for you didn't think that one through.

Once the right wing media sees that their hysterical reporting (wait until tonight's episode of Hannity) on the memo isn't going to make the nation take it seriously, they're almost certainly going to switch gears and use the FBI's legitimate freakout over it as "evidence" they're hiding something. Remember, Nunes refused to let the FBI see the memo until a few days ago after which they pointedly said it's misleading and inaccurate (which it is). But none of that matters. We're already seeing the birth of this talking point. Expect to see more of it:  

Now that the memo is fizzling, it's unclear that Trump will still be willing to use it to justify firing Rod Rosenstein, which was the entire purpose of this farce in the first place. It's possible that this ham-handed attempt to manufacture a justification will end up giving Mueller even more ammunition in his obstruction of justice case against Trump. Except now Nunes is going to be on the hook as well.

Stupid Watergate can't much stupider at this point and if it wasn't so dangerous to our democracy, it would be the funniest scandal of a lifetime. Let's hope we're all still around 20 years from now to laugh at it.