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Instead Of Sounding The Alarm Over Nunes Memo, Glenn Greenwald Is Attacking James Comey

There is literally nothing that would make Greenwald believe that Russia hacked the 2016 election or that Trump colluded with them, even after his own site confirmed it.
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I've been attempting to write an article for the past three days about the need to find common ground with those you disagree with politically, no matter how ideologically you might be apart. I will still publish this piece, but my God does the left's contrarian-in-chief Glenn Greenwald make it difficult. 

In the wake of the Nunes memo, a shockingly fraudulent attempt by the GOP to kill the Mueller probe, Glenn Greenwald attacked...wait for it...James Comey!

Comey tweeted a dire warning about the grave consequences of smearing the FBI, likening Trump and the GOP to reviled Senator Joe McCarthy who led the anti-Communist crusade in the 1950's. So obsessed with Russiagate not being real, Greenwald decided that the real story wasn't the GOP's cynical attempt to squash an ongoing federal investigation into Trump's potential collusion with Russia and his attempts to obstruct justice -- it was James Comey being a hypocrite: 

Forget the fact that Hoover and McCarthy had some very serious differences, is Greenwald suggesting we should discount Mueller's investigation into Trump because of J. Edgar Hoover? There is no doubt that Hoover and the FBI have a complicated history and much to answer for. As much as the organization has done wrong, it is also responsible for preventing terrorism, hunting serial killers, taking down organized crime syndicates, preventing cyber attacks and busting pedophile and sex trafficking rings. They are now responsible for investigating Donald Trump's potentially treasonous crimes -- a pretty serious responsibility that no other law enforcement agency has the power to do. FBI agents work extremely hard for their country and like everyone else, do their best day in, day out. Without a shred of evidence, Greenwald believes the FBI's investigation into Trump must be flawed because, well, he wants it to be. 

There is literally nothing that would make Greenwald believe that Russia hacked the 2016 election or that Trump colluded with them. Even if his own Goddamn website confirmed the fact that Russia was responsible for hacking US voting machines, Greenwald just will not accept it. 

His petulance over this issue is infuriating beyond belief. Somewhere deep down he understands what is happening and knows this is an incredibly serious situation for the country. Yet his impulse to play the irritating contrarian is so strong that he cannot give it up -- even when his journalistic credibility is approaching zero

We need all hands on deck to prevent the country turning into a banana republic under Trump's management, and Greenwald could be a useful player if he took his role as a journalist seriously. His followers hang on his every word, and if he decided to look objectively at the evidence, he could get them onboard and help create a unified left to stop the GOP's war on civil society. Sadly, this is highly unlikely to happen and he'll continue attacking people like James Comey, who for all their flaws, are now trying to do the right thing.