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GOP Candidate Forced To Withdraw After Endorsing Pedophilia And Attacking Female Judge

The most shocking thing here is that he quit the race instead of surging ahead in the polls.

Meet Michael Saari. A former Republican candidate for State Senate in Michigan. I say "former" because he was forced to drop drop out yesterday after he called Judge Rosemarie Aquilina (the judge that sentenced pedophile Larry Nassar) a "feminazi" for being mean:


Saari went on to say he was only objecting to the language Judge Aquilina used, claiming that because it was so harsh, it would leave room for an appeal that would waste taxpayer money. This, naturally, is why he called her a "feminazi" and referenced her sex life. Makes perfect sense.

But Saari is much more than a misogynist. He loves guns, God, and apparently little girls:


Yeah...that's probably exactly what Roy Moore told himself while he was cruising the mall looking for a date. Aside from the profound creepiness of Saari's "belief", it casts a rather large cloud over his claim that he wasn't taking the side of convicted pedophile Larry Nassar. After all, "it's only normal" for grown men to want to have sex with underage girls. 

Personally, I'm enjoying this sudden public support for biblically justified pedophilia. One of the complaints the right has against the dreaded "Sharia Law" is that it allows for "legal" pedophilia. And it does. One of Mohammed's brides was only 9 years old and the practice of child brides is rampant in some Muslim countries (although the practice is far from limited to Islam or even Muslim dominant countries). It's gross and harmful and it needs to stop.

But here we are, in "Christian" America with "civilized" and "enlightened" Christians arguing that while Muslims are savages for having sex with little girls, it's just fine if we do it because something something "The Bible said so". It truly is a pinnacle of western hypocrisy. I would dearly love to see a Roy Moore supporter explain how a Muslim man marrying a 13-year-old girl is different from a Christian man doing the same. The mental gymnastics would be Olympic caliber.

I don't imagine we've seen the last of Mr. Saari just yet. In a year or two, as the Republican Party continues to sink further into moral depravity, Saari's brand of nastiness will stop being an impediment in a swing state like Michigan and become a requirement to attract the white Republican voter. It's exactly the kind of ignorant ugliness they crave.