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The Winner Of Trump's "Fake News" Award Wasn't Fake And Wasn't News

And on top of that, the award site crashed almost immediately.
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When you combine the organizational skills of Donald Trump and the web expertise of the RNC, you get 2018's “Fake News Awards,” -- an event that crashed quite literally as soon as it was launched (via The Daily Beast):  

The Republican National Committee on Wednesday night botched the rollout of President Donald Trump’s so-called “Fake News Awards.” After Trump tweeted out the link, the webpage—which was hosted on the RNC’s web site—immediately crashed. Trump created the “awards” in an attempt to call attention to what he views as an unfair news media that is biased against him. The webpage later loaded, and it featured prominent examples of media mishaps including those from The New York Times and CNN, two of his favorite targets.

The New York Times eventually won the award for the fakest news piece once the site got back up and running -- an unintentionally hilarious gaffe given it wasn't a actually a news piece and wasn't written by a journalist. As the Globe reported: 

The No. 1 item on Trump’s “fake news” list is the Times’ Paul Krugman’s prediction in November 2016 that the markets will “never” recover from Trump. 

Paul Krugman is of course an opinion columnist and he wrote a piece expressing an opinion. And while Krugman is prone to making bad predictions, we're only a year into the Trump presidency and he's riding the economic boom created by president Obama and has a very long time to wreck it (which he most likely will given his track record of running businesses). Nevertheless, this did not detract the "Fake News Awards" that declared:

2017 was a year of unrelenting bias, unfair news coverage, and even downright fake news. Studies have shown that over 90 percent of the media’s coverage of President Trump is negative.

The fact that 100% of what Trump has done in office has been overwhelmingly bad, 90% negative coverage is actually pretty good for the president. But then again, we're Fake News too, so what do we know?