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Trump Blames Obama For Having to Cancel London Visit

Trumps latest excuse is hilariously stupid, even for him.

After the news broke that Donald Trump wouldn't be visiting Great Britain for fear of sparking giant protests, the Commander in Chief wasted no time tweeting out the most childish excuse imaginable: 

I'm from South West London where the embassy Trump was supposed to be opening is located, and I can tell you that a) the area isn't an "off location" -- it's a rapidly gentrifying area near to MI6, and b) he isn't going because Londoners won't have him in their city, and he knows it. 

The notion that Obama is responsible for this is, well, hilariously stupid even for Donald Trump. It's like someone stole his lunch money and instead of admitting he got bullied letting everyone know that he didn't want lunch in the first place. This is Trump's default way of deflecting the slightest bit of responsibility for the colossal blunders he creates. He either blames Hillary Clinton or the black man he believes should never have been president. 

It would be funny if it wasn't so desperately pathetic.