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Sorry, Trump Supporters, Being Openly Racist Will Still Ruin Your Life (And It Always Will)

They still don't understand why political correctness is winning.

By now you've probably heard the sad story of poor Harley Barber, the dumb as rocks 19-year-old college student who inexplicably thought posting a video of herself bragging about how much she hates ni**ers would be a good idea. She got kicked out of the sorority she's been dying to be a part of since was in high school and she got kicked out of the University of Alabama at the same time.

She's very sorry about the whole thing, of course, and wishes she'd never done it but she is now "That super racist college chick". That's going to haunt her for however long people feel like dogging her with it. The internet is forever and potential employers googling her name are going to have some interesting questions to ask her. This could possibly ruin her life and that's just too fucking bad.

This is why a week after the 2016 election I wrote, "There's a mistaken belief that hate is the new normal and we on the left will just have to get used to it. Good luck with that."

Their luck has not been good.

Barber is just the latest to fall before the dreaded power of political correctness (otherwise known as "decent society") but she joins a rather lengthy list of people who also inexplicably thought airing their racism to the world would be a good idea:

And that's just a tiny taste of the havoc people have wreaked on their own lives. The Charlottesville "Tiki Torch" march alone ruined well over a dozen lives (if not more) as proud white nationalists marched, with their faces uncovered and well-lit, chanting Nazi slogans.

Can you believe they were shocked when they were outed to their friends and family and started losing their jobs? It's almost like they thought they could be a neo-Nazi in America, a country that fetishizes killing Nazis, without consequence. One of their leaders, Christopher Cantwell, after bragging about how tough he was, even broke down crying when he found out the police were looking for him. That was pretty funny.

"The Master Race"

"The Master Race"

Roy Moore lost his Senate bid partly because he's a child molester but mainly because he was so overtly racist, black voters came out in force to keep him out. When Trump's favorite racist, Joe Arpaio, wins the Republican primary in Arizona by being the most obnoxious white supremacist in the race, Latinos are going to come out in force to block him as well and that will probably cost Republicans control of the Senate. Moore is still in denial about why he lost and it's a sure bet Arpaio will be as well.

I keep saying it's inexplicable that people keep doing this but it really isn't. The election of Donald Trump and the hate he's been attempting to codify into our national DNA has convinced people they are free to be racist assholes and they will never pay a price for it. As I said 14 months ago: Good luck with that. America has a serious problem with racism but at the end of the day, the overwhelming majority of us want America to be better than Trump and his deplorable followers. And this is why the dreaded "political correctness" is here to stay no matter how loudly Trump supporters whine about being oppressed.

The upside to all of this is that by revealing who they've been all along, white Republican voters (because that's who we're talking about here), have made it impossible to go back into the white nationalist closet. Once you ally yourself with a Nazi, that stink doesn't come off no matter how loudly you scream "I'm an Independent!" When Trump is gone, his base will have nothing left but bitter regrets and a swastika branded onto their foreheads. We'll make sure of it.

As for Barber, maybe she can get a degree at Trump University. 

There are 290 days left to the 2018 elections.

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