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Lawrence O'Donnell Asks the Media a Very Important Question About Donald Trump

Lawrence O'Donnell took his fight to the media asking where they have been on Trump's vicious racism.
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The Banter has long lauded Lawrence O'Donnell as one of the most important voices in the media during the Trump era. For almost two years now, O'Donnell has kept a laser like focus on the president and those complicit in allowing his rise to power. He has been utterly relentless and his message has never wavered. Trump is a menace, O'Donnell argues, and he must be stopped. 

In response to Trump's horrific "shithole" comments about Haitians and African nations, O'Donnell delivered a powerful monologue on his show last night.

"They went to make a deal with the devil," said O'Donnell about the politicians who went to make a deal with Trump over immigration, DACA and the Mexican wall. "And they discovered two things: He wasn't ready to make a deal, and he really is the devil". 

Following up today, O'Donnell took his fight to the media asking where they have been on Trump's vicious racism: 

It's an important question and one much of the mainstream media cannot honestly answer. They spent months promoting the false narrative that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were "just as bad", and dedicated countless hours delving into the GOP fueled conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton that predictably never led anywhere. There was never any comparison between a professional politician with a stellar track record in office and a racist, fraudulent conman who offered nothing other than bullshit promises to racist white men about "Making America Great Again". 

So what is there answer to O'Donnell's question? What does Chris Cillizza have to say after he spent the past God knows how many months perpetuating the myth that Republicans and Democrats are comparable? What do the so-called responsible media outlets think about Hillary Clinton after they spent months claiming she ignored the working classes, wasn't "connecting" with voters, and didn't have Trump's common touch? What do the beltway media organs think about normalizing Donald Trump when he became president? 

Donald Trump didn't become a racist yesterday, he has always been a racist, and it's time the media finally woke up to it.