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Lou Dobbs Has Completely Lost His Mind

Noted racist Lou Dobbs believes the Russia collusion investigation will shift to Clinton and Obama because, well, he believes it.
lou dobbs

According to birther advocate and notorious racist Lou Dobbs, Donald Trump is "the most accomplished presidency in modern American history." Why? Because Trump has laid waste to the federal government, trashed the deal to prevent Iran developing a nuclear weapon, hiked up health insurance for everyone and persecuted immigrants and minorities. Yes, really

Dobb's also believes President Obama should have been arrested for suggesting Trump should think before tweeting, because of course black people should never disrespect powerful white men. And if you thought that was insane, then a quick glance at the Fox Business Network host's twitter feed will verify that Dobbs has indeed completely lost his mind. On the day that the news broke of Steve Bannon confirming that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russian government during the 2016 election, Dobbs posted the following twitter poll for his followers:

As of writing this, 76% believe that the Russia investigation will shift its focus to "Clinton and Obama corruption and collusion". This is of course utter nonsense -- only far right conspiracy sites (and Fox News) are pushing one of the many Clinton/Obama -Russia collusion theories. The FBI and the DOJ isn't interested in investigating instances of "Clinton and Obama corruption and collusion" because of course there isn't any. Dobbs however, has an answer for all of this -- it's the Deep State!: 

The shadowy world of anonymous sycophantic government workers who apparently still work for Hillary Clinton and President Obama are, in Dobbs' mind, responsible for derailing the MAGA movement. Of course Dobbs has no evidence to support this theory, but then just as his racism doesn't need evidence, neither do his wild conspiracy theories. After all, not only is his audience lapping it, the president is also providing him with all the confirmation bias he'll ever need: