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Half of White Male Millennials Seem to be Whiny Racist Snowflakes

Thank God they're the new minority.

The standard narrative is that Millennials are far more progressive than older generations and that they will save us from the nightmarish reign of the overwhelmingly conservative Baby Boomers. But once you drill down into race and gender, the picture isn't quite as rosy.

In a survey conducted by Public Research and Religion Institute and MTV (hey, research is research, even if it's by MTV), they found that white Millennials are still pretty racist:

More than a third — 36 percent — of white young people say discrimination against white people is as serious of a problem as discrimination against people of color.

The only way you can believe that is if you don't actually know any people of color and ignore every single thing they've ever said on the topic. Not even white privilege can adequately explain this attitude. Regular white privilege is unconscious, this kind of willful ignorance requires actual effort to maintain.

But it gets worse:

Nearly 4 in 10 — 38 percent — of white young people believe diversity efforts almost always harm white people.

There's that persecution mentality that is the prerequisite of being a conservative. Only in the warped worldview of the poor oppressed Caucasian can Those People demanding equal opportunity be considered harmful. Just explaining to them the concept of white privilege is, itself, a form of cruel persecution in their mind.

And still it gets worse:

Nearly half — 48 percent — of young white men say diversity efforts will harm white people

48%. And that number will almost certainly grow as they get older. 30 years from now, these will be the aggrieved white men that make up the Republican Party. Or whatever replaces it after Trump is done destroying it over the next three years.

The good news is that only 28% of white Millennial women think the same way and a good chunk of that 28% won't put up with the sexism that's sure to go with the racism of their white male counterparts. That's bad news for a political movement built on the pillars of subjugating both people of color and women.

The better news is that white people are just not as plentiful as they used to be:

In 2012, an overwhelming majority, 72 percent, of people in the baby boom ages were non-Hispanic White alone, compared with 63 percent of the total population. Although little change is projected for the percentage distribution of the baby boom population, the racial and ethnic composition of the two populations is expected to diverge in the years to come, as the younger population becomes increasingly diverse. The percentage of the total population that is non-Hispanic White alone is projected to decrease between 2012 and 2060, dropping to 55 percent by 2030 and 43 percent by 2060. 

In other words, 48% of white male Millennials is not that impressive compared to the entirety of the Millennial population and every year, that percentage will shrink as America becomes ever less white.

White Nationalists refer to this as "White Genocide" while not insane people refer to it as "America".

To be fair, not all of the white men and women that feel this way will actually vote conservative. There are more than a few liberals carrying a lot of racial baggage that still manage to vote against police brutality, racial gerrymandering, and voter suppression laws. This is very bad news for the GOP. They're not even getting all of that 48% of white males they so desperately need to stay in business. Only 35 of white Millennials view Trump positively and that's going to go down as he continues to plunder their future to give it to himself and his fellow billionaires. 

On the other hand, it means that the left is still going to be struggling with its own racism for decades to come and the right has used those divisions to sneak back into power on more than one occasion. See: 2016, Election of. We would be wise to not pretend Millennials are a monolithic force for good in the universe or we risk missing the future monsters in their ranks just waiting to replace the ones we're fighting now.

There are 299 days left to the 2018 elections.

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