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Breitbart: Trump is Not Racist Because He Likes Asian Workers

According to Breitbart, Trump's "shithole" country comments were "fake news" because the president likes Asians.

In the small minds of the Alt Right bros who write for Breitbart, Donald Trump cannot be a racist because he doesn't mind Asians coming to America to benefit the economy. After the shocking news broke about Trump decrying "shithole" nations like Haiti sending immigrants to the US, Breitbart immediately went to bat for the white supremacist in chief by labeling "fake news". Here was John Nolte's take on Trump's latest efforts to denigrate minorities (and no, we don't link to Breitbart): 

In the third paragraph of the Washington Post story that broke President Trump’s alleged comments about certain “shithole” countries, we learn that the president said “he would be open to more immigrants from Asian countries because he felt they help the United States economically.”

“Asian countries.”


It is quite a thing to unplug as I did last night (I am binging on Miami Vice:The Complete Series — which is awesome), only to wake up to yet another *yawn* shitstorm of fake news, know instinctually that it is all fake news, spend all of about three minutes tracking down the truth, and discovering that it is indeed very fake news.

According to Nolte, it is "very fake news" because Trump cannot hate black people if he doesn't mind Asians. He goes on to list dozens of Asian countries Trump doesn't hate to prove that Trump is only bigoted towards African and black nations, so isn't really a proper white supremacist. The media is deliberately hiding nuanced fact from the public because apparently the president is doing such amazing work around the world that everyone would begin supporting Trump if they knew about it: 

The reason the media does not want you to know this is obvious: as Trump’s policies continue to improve the world (where’s ISIS?) and our economy here at home, the Nonsense Machine must stay red-lined, and if the only thing that can be fed into the Nonsense Machine is lies and fake news, so be it.

Trump’s mistake was not calling shithole countries “shithole countries” (he denies saying it, by the way) his mistake was trusting that Democrats would respect the fact that politicians should be allowed to use shorthand and speak freely behind closed doors, even with the opposition party. Work cannot get done if everyone is at all times forced to speak as though every word will be broadcast to the world.

Firstly, Trump's success against ISIS has nothing to do with his own genius -- he has simply continued Obama's strategy for beating the radical Islamic movement. Secondly, his mistake wasn't trusting Democrats to keep quiet about his racist outbursts. His mistake was being a racist pig who makes racists outbursts. 

If this passes as astute political commentary in Alt Right circles, the movement is even more screwed that previously thought.