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The through line connecting nearly every shocking action by Donald Trump is that he's simply a dick. Barack Obama was our first African-American president, and Trump is our first dick president. He seems to delight in being a dick to people, whether it's allies like Republican members of Congress or enemies such as, y'know, everyone else. 

While we've had other less-than-friendly presidents, Trump is far more public and considerably more consistent about jabbing people with obnoxious cut-downs and outright insults -- tossing aside all presidential expectations of nobility, decency or decorum. 

Feel free to do the complete list of Trump's dick-moves on your own. I'll get you started: "Bleeding from her whatever," Carly Fiorina's face, Mika Brzezinski's face, "shithole countries," "haters and losers," "nasty woman," "Pocahontas," "good people on both sides," "I should have left them in jail" -- we could spitball examples all damn day, but I think we're familiar with his greatest hits by now. Suffice to say, Trump always goes there. 

The latest example comes to us via NBC News in wake of Andrew McCabe's resignation on Monday. McCabe, in case you're just joining us, is the now-former deputy director of the FBI who inadvertently stumbled into the Trump propeller as the president becomes increasingly unglued over the Trump-Russia investigation. In order to set up this story, it's important to note that McCabe's wife, a Democrat, ran unsuccessfully for a Virginia State Senate seat after receiving donations from former governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe. 

According to reporter Carol Lee, the president apparently spoke with McCabe on the phone and asked the outgoing deputy to "ask his wife how it feels to be a loser." In other words, Trump called McCabe's wife, Jill, a loser to McCabe's face. McCabe's response was simply, “OK, sir,” which is a lot less than what most of us would've said. But hats off to McCabe for being the bigger man -- much bigger. Then Trump hung up the phone. It's worth noting that McCabe has more class in his horn-rimmed glasses than Trump will ever have. In fact, Trump represents anti-class, the opposite of class, not unlike anti-matter. (It's also worth noting that Jill McCabe received a larger percentage of the popular vote, 47.5 percent, than Trump who only managed 46.1 percent. Sad.)

Indeed, the entire point of the McCabe call was for Trump to whine about how former-FBI Director James Comey flew home from a Los Angeles event, where he learned of his firing by Trump, aboard a government-funded flight. Another dick-move: fire the FBI director, then get pissy when the director wasn't forced to walk home.

I'm not breaking any news describing the president as a mean, malicious, often cruel bully who somehow tapped into a cache of voters who can relate to his dickish behavior and, in fact, love him for it, effectively encouraging him to amplify his dick-like outbursts. We've always understood that America has a palpable strain of assholes among the general population of Normals. And now, they're out of their holes like cockroaches after flicking on the kitchen lights. 

People we know and like, even family members, seem enamored with our dick president. The only conclusion we can draw is they, too, have similar tendencies for insufferably repellent behavior. It's difficult and disillusioning to accept that people we thought were gregarious, centered and, well, nice people have turned out to be so utterly supportive of a man who's easily the most loathsome human to lead the nation since I-don't-know-who. Andrew Jackson? Not surprisingly, Jackson happens to be Trump's spirit animal. 

Is he mentally ill? Is he on some kind of medication that makes him randomly snap at people? Who knows, and, frankly, I don't care why anymore. He's always been like this, as most New Yorkers and television executives will tell you, so I think we stop wasting our time putting Trump on the analysis couch and accept the reality that this is who he is: an irredeemable cock. 

Ultimately, I guess it's good to know who among us is a decent human being and who champions dickish awfulness, petty mockery and whiny grievances. It's hardly a consolation, though, given that we still have to contend with a proud racist/misogynist/dick president who loves trolling even more than he loves chaos and destabilization. This goes well beyond mere political discord. Many of our uncles, aunts, fathers, mothers, lifelong friends and all points between aren't just Republicans, they're reflecting the behavior of an unapologetic dick.

Seriously, there's a steep cost we'll all be paying for many years as a result of Trump's complete lack of discipline or sense of responsibility. As long as upwards of 46 percent of voters are cool with it, though, it'll be that much more difficult for those of us Normals to repair the damage.