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Antisemitism Reaches A New Low With "Gun Owner" Holocaust Patch

What the fuck is wrong with these people?

It's no secret that along with an obsessive need to feign persecution, the American right wing also has a fairly deep streak of antisemitism running through it. It's also no secret that white Republican voters are some of the most horrible people to ever be produced by this country, existing only to inflict pain on people they hate, and now we have what might be the perfect intersection of all three of these character flaws:


Yeah, no shit you're not Jewish, you cretin. No self-respecting Jew (or any non-Jew with a functioning moral compass) would ever spit on the horror of the Holocaust by equating the mild nuisance of gun control and partisan politics to the systematic oppression, imprisonment, and then genocide of millions of Jews (and homosexuals, and Rom, and blacks, and mentally ill, etc.). There are few things more obnoxious than American white men, the most privileged and coddled beings in all of creation, claiming they know what persecution feels like.

I was hoping against all hope that these were not actually for sale somewhere on the internet but that was just stupid of me. Of course it was. The site it's on is chock full of overcompensating toxic masculinity masquerading as patriotism and for just $8, I can brag to the world about what an asshole I am while insulting every Jewish person I come across. It really is the perfect patch for white Republican voters.

But it gets worse. The scumbags selling the patch had the nerve to argue that being a gun owner is just like being a persecuted Jew in Nazi Germany:

We do not invoke this historical symbol lightly. The similarities of the current attitude of the legislative environment and the systematic persecution that this star represents are uncanny. There's no difference. The "Pieces of Flair" patch is a strong reminder of how quickly an unarmed society can be toppled by a dictatorship. How have we reached this point? How has thepersecution [sic] of a single group of people become so socially acceptable? Well, to us, its not. Its time to remind these people of history. Line in the sand: drawn. This patch will fray nicely at the edges with usage (intentionally).  

"The similarities of the current attitude of the legislative environment and the systematic persecution that this star represents are uncanny." Really? Really?! What similarities would those be? Are gun owners being forced to to live in ghettos? Are they being forced to wear real badges identifying them as The Other? Are they being stripped of their businesses and homes? Are they being deported? Are they being murdered by the millions? What the fuck are they talking about? Similarities? Go fuck yourself.

The only thing that's happening to gun owners in this country is that they're being made to feel bad because their sexual fetish for guns is getting tens of thousands of Americans killed every year. They're being called "monsters" because after 20 children were killed, the first thing ammosexuals did was scream about how we can't take their precious guns away. And in the seven years since Sandy Hook, these "persecuted" and "oppressed" gun freaks have harassed and stalked the grieving families to justify their unnatural lust for their phallic symbols.

Meanwhile, a second Star of David patch is available with the word "Republican" on it because, you know, they "do not invoke this historical symbol lightly" or something:

Feeling persecuted?

Anybody who voted for Trump is racist, right? Or maybe people just got tired of being called names. Snooty celebrity commercials, Meryl Streep, fake news, non-peaceful protests, and fake hate-crimes.

Clearly, they're treating their source material with all due respect.

One of the ways antisemites downplay the Holocaust is by diluting its symbols. By taking away the power of those symbols, it becomes easier to hand wave away the scale and the scope of the evil and, eventually, to either claim it wasn't that big of a deal or that it didn't even happen. The owners of the site selling these insults will pretend they're the victim of political correctness run amok but they know exactly what they're doing: They're peddling hate to their fellow monsters.

When Trump is gone and the white nationalists have oozed back into the sewers they came from, white Republicans voters are going to demand we pretend none of this ever happened.

Fuck that.

They chose to stand and be counted alongside neo-Nazis and other assorted antisemitic bigots because they wanted to make America white again. They don't get to hide from that ever again.

There are 290 days left to the 2018 elections.

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