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Donald Trump’s Porngate Scandal Is Worse Than It Appears

On top of the Stormy Daniels affair, Alison Parker from Shareblue reported porn star actress, Jessica Drake also signed a non-disclosure agreement regarding possible sexual misconduct with Donald Trump.

Donald Trump’s life represents the worst ramifications of money, fame and white male privilege. It’s already public record that Donald Trump is an unrepentant sexual predator and disgusting human being. But the latest news stories are another manifestation of Trump’s lengthy history of scandal, wrongdoing resulting in bribery and settlements to justify the cover up of his unacceptable behavior.

The Wall Street Journal reported Donald Trump had an extramarital affair with former porn star Stephanie Clifford (screen name was Stormy Daniels) during a golf event in 2006. Ms. Clifford was prepared to discuss the sexual encounter during the 2016 election season with ABC News. However, Trump fearing this scandal would jeopardize his presidential campaign, had longtime lawyer Michael Cohen give Ms. Clifford $130,000 payment of non-disclosure. It worked. Clifford’s story never went public for America to add this piece of information to its decision making process.

But the scandal doesn’t stop there. Alison Parker from Shareblue reported porn star actress, Jessica Drake also signed a non-disclosure agreement regarding possible sexual misconduct with Donald Trump. However, Ms. Drake did provide some details during an October 2016 press conference. What we do know, based on her account, is that Trump was persistent in his pursuit and offered her $10,000 to sleep with him. She refused and told friends of the events due to the aggressive nature that Trump displayed in courting her company. We can assume more salacious details regarding his misconduct is the reason for the non-disclosure agreement.

And there’s more. In the best selling tell all book Fire and Fury, written by Michael Wolff, there is a paragraph in the book where former white house advisor Steve Bannon suggested Trump’s lawyer Marc Kasowitz might have gotten Donald Trump out of many more lawsuits based on possible sexual misconduct during the campaign.

We have a president who has lived a life of devaluing, debasing and assaulting women. He’s engaged in misogyny towards women, admitted to sexual assault on tape and engaged in verbal and emotional abuse towards women in the public domain. We have a president who is a serial adulterer and has 19 counts of sexual allegations currently against him. This is the same man who sees the beauty of young girls and women going through menstruation – the natural cleansing and renewal of the female body as something to be seen as bloody and ugly. This is the same man who showed his patriarchal vulgarism by discussing penis sizes and size of an opponent’s hands on prime time television.

The depth of Donald Trump’s abhorrent and objectifying pathology towards women reflects the consistent pattern of a man with the character of a garbage disposal unit. Trump does not respect women and he’s used his wealth to either silence or to put fear in women by robbing them of their voice and power.

As a country, are we going to continue to find a way to compartmentalize the growing laundry list of gender based human violation this despicable man continues to reveal? Our daughters, aunts, sisters, mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers need for us as a country to put an end to this presidency. We can no longer sanction this behavior at the presidential level. The porn scandal is our scandal. It’s time to end this presidency and fully embrace a higher standard for our country.

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