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The One Simple Graph That Explains Why Republicans Can't Quit Trump

They have no choice but to ride the crazy train over the cliff and it's all their own fault.
No, this isn't the stock market. It's a sign of really bad things for the Republican Party.

No, this isn't the stock market. It's a sign of really bad things for the Republican Party.

Among the many mysteries of the universe is the burning question of why the Republican Party is doubling down, almost daily, on the historic disaster unfolding in real time known as "The Trump Administration".

Trump is clearly mentally ill. His staff is filled with imbeciles and sycophants. The number of people in the White House compromised by the Russians keeps growing. Trump's approval rating is hovering around 30-35%. His constant self-inflicted controversies and scandals have sucked up so much oxygen in Washington, Republicans spent an entire year controlling the entire government and were only just able to push through one item on their legislative agenda. And to top it all off, the possibility that Trump will start a nuclear war grows by the tweet.

By any standard of logic, Republicans should have removed Trump months ago. Yes, they've repealed dozens of Obama regulations but they could have used Vice President Pence to do that just as well without all of the dangerous lunacy.

So why stand by someone they all clearly hate? Someone they know will lead them all to disaster in the end?

The following chart might explain it. It was put together by Republican lobbyist Bruce Mehlman for a presentation he sent out to Republicans explaining why 2018 is going to be even more insane than 2017. Buried in his analysis that tried very hard to paint a less than dreary picture for Republicans was a chart showing party line voting in which people walk into the voting booth and only vote for (D) or (R) without much regard for the name next to it.

In a moment in time where Republicans are demoralized and Democrats are more energized than they've ever been, this chart spells "Doomsday" for the GOP:

Good luck getting Republicans to compromise on anything, much less something that will help average Americans.

Good luck getting Republicans to compromise on anything, much less something that will help average Americans.

Prior to Republicans creating the most hyperpartisan political environment since the Civil War, they could rely on peeling off some Democratic voters by spinning their usual lies about jobs, jobs, jobs. But over the last three decades, they've so thoroughly identified the GOP with social issues, it's forced the electorate to bifurcate. In order to vote Republican, you have to be anti-abortion, anti-gay, anti-Muslim, anti-Latino, anti-black, anti-woman, etc. etc.

Now, in order to vote for a Republican, you have to swallow Trump as well and there simply aren't many Democrats willing to do that. In fact, according to the chart, people showing up to vote for a Democrat will vote for every Democrat on the ballot, a dynamic we saw in play in Virginia as the Democrats overcame massive gerrymandering to come within a single vote of breaking the GOP's illegitimate control of the House of Delegates.

Republicans will not be able to count on any Democratic votes in the midterms and any attempt to distance themselves from Trump, even the slightest bit, will cost them Republican votes from what promises to be an already depressed turnout; votes they cannot afford to lose. For a party already looking at an historic midterm wipeout despite extreme gerrymandering, massive voter suppression, and, let's be honest, welcome Russian interference on their behalf, the only move left for Republicans is hanging on to Trump and praying he doesn't accidentally burn the planet to ashes before they can figure a way out of the death trap they've built around themselves.

It probably seemed like a good idea at the time. A base that votes in lockstep wins elections. And for a long time it served Republicans well. But now those chickens are coming home to roost and Republicans find themselves the victim of their own machinations. After Trump is gone, they'll try to pull a second Tea Party rebranding but that trick only works once and all the rats that stood by their monster won't get to scurry away this time.

There are 301 days left to the 2018 elections.

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