When Will White Americans Realize Republicans Don’t Like Them Either

The Republican Party will remind white Americans how little they think of their families when they begin to work on spending bills and omnibus budgets in the coming weeks
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The Republican Party has made it clear that they are the guardians of America’s worst traditions of greed and racism. Black, brown and asian Americans have known for a long time that the Republican Party does not embrace our diversity, does not seriously seek our votes or care about our humanity. We tend to vote overwhelmingly against the Republican Party in elections because it is in our self, national and human interest to do so. To vote for someone or a political party that openly hates your existence, ignores your human potential and actively attempts to make your life worse, doesn’t make any sense.

However, it seems that many white Americans still didn’t get the memo that the Republican Party doesn’t like them either.

The Republican Party thinks so little of white Americans that they’re doing everything possible to deregulate wall street and weaken consumer protections to allow the same corporate predators who stole trillions of dollars of household wealth and influenced widespread foreclosures around the country leading to the horrible recession in 2008 – to have a chance to do it again. These Republicans were shielded from the personal, family and community devastation that these corporate criminals wrought on our fellow citizens. They drank expensive wine and ate fancy steaks while callously inflicting pain on a nation through their policies.

The Republican Party thinks so little of white Americans that they did everything possible to quickly pass a deathcare bill that would have led to millions of citizens losing healthcare benefits, skyrocketing premiums and unaddressed sickness likely leading to death or personal bankruptcy. It passed in the Republican led House of Representatives but was narrowly defeated in the Senate because of three Republican Senators joined with Democrats voted against this awful bill.

These same Republicans rushed to pass an unpopular tax scam bill that redistributes wealth to the richest Americans, created confusing loopholes and in the end will raise taxes on poor and middle class Americans. There wasn’t any significant debate, hearings or expert testimony to enlighten or contextualize for Congress and Americans the full implications of the bill. The Republican Party spits in the face of Americans by opening the treasury to corporate bandits and lobbyists.

The Republican Party will remind white Americans how little they think of their families when they begin to work on spending bills and omnibus budgets in the coming weeks. The proposed budget by Donald Trump is a horrible document that outlines cuts to government agencies that protect our food and water, cuts rural business development and nutritional assistance programs. Trump hopes to cut 800 billion dollars in Medicaid support. They hope for major cuts to library and educational funding and a reduction in research programs to address climate change. Trump proposes drastic cuts to the National Institute of Health and National Endowment of the Arts. We can expect further cuts to employee pensions and worker protections.

When you genuinely care about a person’s well being, you don’t do things that bring out the worst in that person. The Republican Party does not bring out the best in white America, they appeal to their worst instincts, morality and character. This explains why the Republican Party supported the candidacy of a white supremacist, functionally illiterate, delusional tyrant to be President of the United States.

The Republican Party needs white America to believe in their hearts that they are better than other people in order to survive as a political party. If you strip away color, the Republican Party has proven time and time again that they are anti-family, anti-poor people, and anti-women. They justify their cruel actions when it suits their narcissistic needs and remain reliable servants to the corporate and wealthy class of Americans.

The Republican Party genuinely does not care about white Americans or their well being. They will continue to provide white Americans with more examples in 2018. The question remains, what will it take for white Americans to see it for themselves?

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