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Trump's Voter Suppression Scheme Dies a Sad, Lonely Death

No one wanted to play with Trump and Kris Kobach so they took their ball and went home to cry.

Last night, the Trump administration, as quietly as possible, dissolved its "Commission on Election Integrity". The reason? The mean ol' states wouldn't give them the information they wanted:

The commission, of course, existed solely for the purpose of justifying the next wave of massive voter suppression laws the right needs to hold on to their stolen power. Everyone knew it and the person heading the commission, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, was so over the top about his intentions, he might as well have been twirling his mustache while tying a polling booth to the train tracks.

But a funny thing happened on the way to rigging the midterm elections: Almost every state, including Republican controlled states, flatly refused to give Kobach the information he needed to justify his phony voter fraud claims.

It turns out that the Constitution has this weird "separation of powers" that lets the states control their own elections. Crazy, right? That means each state has its own Secretary of State, the person in charge of those elections, and each one of those Secretaries has their own career ambitions. Allowing Kris Kobach to fabricate "massive voter fraud" in their state would instantly end those careers. Who's going to vote for a Secretary of State who allowed a million (fictional) illegal immigrants to vote? No one is going to fall on their sword for Donald Trump and Kris Kobach. 

Also, there's the simple issue of a number of state constitutions prohibiting the release of the information Kobach was demanding....including Kobach's own state of Kansas. So Kobach couldn't even give himself all of the information he was demanding from himself. If the irony were any richer, it would be trying to buy an election.

Thank you, separation of powers. In a country where elections are controlled entirely by the central government, Kris Kobach would have already declared the 2018 midterms over and the Republican Party the undisputed winners. It's almost like the Founding Fathers built a robust system designed to resist exactly this kind of tampering. Imagine that.

Kobach is undeterred and has vowed to continue the fight to steal the vote from as many people as possible:

Translation: We'll be back and next time, we're going to be less screamingly obvious about how we're going to disenfranchise millions of minority voters.

History will list Kobach as one of the main architects of the New Jim Crow Era and the faster we sweep him and his kind out of power, the better.

There are 306 days left to the 2018 elections.

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