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Trump Just Tweeted That Hispanics Will Start "Falling in Love" With Him. Seriously

It's entirely possible that the President of the United States is insane.
I love the Hispanics! And they love me!

I love the Hispanics! And they love me!

After spending the last two years demonizing the Latino community, screeching about building a wall on the border, directing ICE to openly terrorize immigrants, encouraging white nationalism, and worst of all, contemplated using children as a weapon against their parents to discourage immigration, Trump has declared that it's really the Democratic Party that Latinos should hate:

The premise of this tweet is presumably that the Democrats keep refusing to let Trump use DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) as a bargaining chip to get funding for his ridiculous border wall, therefor, it's clearly their fault that DACA is not being renewed.

This is the political jujitsu Trump loves to deploy at every opportunity. The problem is that he's really bad at it. We saw this absolute incompetence at work during the healthcare fight. Trump has been undermining and damaging the ACA at every opportunity in order to force the law to collapse. This, in turn, will force the Democrats to the bargaining table to craft something "better". Or so the theory goes.

And that might have worked if:

A. Republicans didn't have total control of the government
B. Trump and his lackeys weren't so obvious about their sabotage
C. Trump didn't keep bragging about how he's killing the law

It's really hard to convince the public that the Democrats are the reason their healthcare is a mess when you tell everyone you broke the system with a shit-eating grin on your face.

The exact same dynamic is in play with DACA. Trump has been promising to repeal DACA since his campaign and he's been having various officials in his administration threaten to repeal it every couple of months in order to pressure Democrats to give him the money for his wall. The problem is that Trump is a pathological liar and there is literally no chance he wouldn't repeal the executive order after getting the money for the wall anyway. Republicans will never pass a law codifying DACA and Trump will never sign one even if they did because it would anger his rabidly racist base.

On the other hand, the Democrats have stood completely unified on opposing Trump's racist wall and in supporting DACA, demanding Trump continue to allow the Dreamers to live in the only country most of them have ever known. Trump calls that "doing nothing" but the Latino community isn't going to see it that way and they're certainly not going to fall in love with the racist monsters that keep insisting America is for "whites only".

Trump's tweet sounds like propaganda from Fox News or something produced by his addled brain. The scary part is that it's impossible to tell the difference anymore.

There are 307 days left to the 2018 elections.

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