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Trump is Now Hawking Books For Fox and Friends Host Brian Kilmeade

Trump gave praise for Brian Kilmeade's new co-written book "Andrew Jackson and the Miracle of New Orleans" on Twitter.

It's a well known fact that Donald Trump gets most of his news about the country he is supposed to be running from 'Fox and Friends', a daily show dedicated to pushing a far right political agenda to not-so-bright Americans. Trump loves the coverage he gets from the hosts on the Fox News show given they will go to almost any length to shower him with praise. 

Trump understands that the message from Fox and Friends must never, ever change and he has taken a new step towards ensuring their relationship is lucrative for all parties involved. In a tweet this morning, Trump gave praise for Brian Kilmeade's new co-written book "Andrew Jackson and the Miracle of New Orleans".  

It's worth pointing out a couple of things here: 

1) It is disgraceful that a sitting president is using social media to boost sales for a TV News personality whom he knows gives him favorable coverage. Kellyanne Conway was severely reprimanded for hawking Ivanka Trump's clothing line on no other than 'Fox and Friends' earlier this year, and this is no different. It is clearly in violation of the Standards of Conduct and Trump should be subjected to an investigation by the Office of Government Ethics. 

2) Trump clearly hasn't read the book (he doesn't read), so he's also selling something he can't possibly honestly endorse. 

We are unfortunately past the point where normal rules of ethical conduct can be applied to this president. Trump flouts so many rules and has broken so many basic ethical parameters of good governance that it is almost impossible to figure out which one he should be held accountable for. This is a man who openly obstructed justice by firing the FBI director who was investigating him and has colluded with a foreign government to win a presidential election. These aren't allegations but fact, yet the current political climate does not allow for him to be held accountable. 

Pimping a sycophants book from his twitter account hardly seems like the crime of the century, but it is yet another sign of the crumbling moral authority of the US government and the brazen corruption of the Trump administration. The small crimes that are committed day-in-day-out add up over time and America will be left with no trust in its institutions whatsoever. The relentless smashing of political norms and the ongoing assault on common decency is designed to break the will of the resistance. Trump is attempting to bombard the public with so many despicable acts of malice, treason and idiocy that they give up in desperation. It is a common tactic used by despots throughout history, and the day the media stops calling him out on his crimes -- no matter how small they are -- the sooner the end of the once great Republican will be. 

This cannot happen. The fight must go on and Trump must be fought everywhere, every day and with every tool disposable. Oh, and certainly don't buy Brian Kilmeade's latest paean to old white conservative men responsible for some of the greatest crimes in human history. He didn't write it anyway (his 'co-writer' did), and if Trump is endorsing it, it most certainly isn't worth reading on the off chance the president actually read it. 

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