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London Tells Trump to Go F*ck Himself

London's Greenwich Council declared that “should a state visit go ahead, President Trump would not be welcome in the Borough”.
fuck trump

As a born and bred Londoner, this makes me immensely proud. From the Evening Standard

The Royal Borough of Greenwich has "barred" Donald Trump after councillors called for his visit to the UK to be abandoned.

Earlier this week, America's ambassador in London signalled that Mr Trump is due to visit early next year - sparking fresh calls for mass demonstrations against the president.

And at a meeting on Tuesday night, the Labour council added its voice to the protests by calling on the Government to abandon the plans.

Greenwich Council said it adopted a motion calling for a state visit to be abandoned, while also declaring that “should a state visit go ahead, President Trump would not be welcome in the Borough”.

The council expressed “alarm at the decision of President Trump to retweet Islamophobic Propaganda” and “sadness at the President's bigoted attitude towards women and ethnic minorities”.

It comes after Mr Trump sparked a global backlash last month after retweeting a string of unverified anti-Islamic videos posted by far-right group Britain First’s deputy leader.

Trump's decision to retweet vile propaganda from a prominent British fascist caused a rift between the American and British governments -- an almost unprecedented event in modern political history. The tweet caused outrage in the UK, and rightly so. For a US president to engage in such overt xenophobic behavior brought great shame to the office he holds, and the damage will take many, many years to undo. 

Of course this is just one of Trump's litany of sins against human decency, but this one had particular ramifications in the ethnically diverse City of London. My Jewish Grandfather, who grew up in South East London (where Greenwich is located), fought fascists who marched through his neighborhood in the 1930's at the Battle of Cable Street. London held strong against the Nazi bombardment during the 1940's and has remained a proud, defiant city that does not tolerate racism, bigotry or any form of fascism. While Trump is a notorious Anglophile, the people of Britain overwhelmingly despise him and do not support a state visit. London is now on its way to making this official policy, and should Trump be granted a visit to the UK he'll find out how Londoners deal with fascists.