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Anti-Muslim Bigot Attacks "Terrorist" Latino Family With Baseball Bat

Because all brown people look the same when you're looking for someone to viciously assault.

A routine trip to a strip mall in Canada almost turned deadly for a Latino family when Mark Phillips, baseball bat in hand, approached Sergio Estepa, Mari Zambrano, their 13-year-old son and a friend, informing them that they were under arrest for being "ISIS terrorists".

After demanding the family empty their pockets, Phillips cocks the bat over his shoulder and starts shouting "You better get the fuck out of here, Frenchie!", presumably having overheard the Colombian natives speaking Spanish and mistaking it for French. This, alone, suggests Phillips is a fucking idiot since despite both being romance languages, Spanish and French don't sound the same at all.

The family backs away from the clearly disturbed white man who follows them screaming at the top of his lungs "We have terrorists! ISIS! Terrorists!" Phillips looks around the parking lot, as if expecting a mob to join him any second to chase off the dangerous "Muslims" before he finally starts swinging his bat. He then backs away, continuing to yell about terrorists and ISIS, even calling for help after brutally attacking complete strangers.

Watch the disturbing video here:

Sadly, while no one joined Phillips in his attack, no one tried to stop him, either, as he repeatedly swung his bat, breaking one of Estepa's ribs and badly bruising him:

"Only one person helped us. It happened at 4:30, in a mall with a movie theatre and many stores. It's quite an active mall. We were surprised that they pretended that nothing happened," Estepa said.

That person happened to be a former vice principal at their son's elementary school. She approached the family and told them she'd give a statement to police. 

This could have gone much worse for Estepa and his family and Phillips was quickly arrested, but the entire incident, even though it took place in Canada, is symptomatic of the growing wave of indiscriminate hate spreading across the globe. It's not going away and we can either fight it or continue to pretend all of these "isolated incidents" don't mean anything until we're the ones on the wrong end of the baseball bat.

There are 330 days left to the 2018 elections.

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